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  1. Talk with the Alpha of the server and be communicative. We have a few solo players on our server that are listed as protected by the Alpha tribes because of this. It all depends on the environment of your server and how well the political system is managed. Trying to stay low and off radar and not talking at all will cause suspicion, especially on a PVP server. This is due to the server raiding and if your name is something they haven't seen before/ seen in chat a lot of tribes will wipe as a precaution.
  2. The problem I have personally run into with open breeding in a base area is that when the baby appears it needs to be claimed. If you have turrets or Plant X close by they can kill it in the 1 second that you think "oh it's so cute" and before you can click to claim. Same with other dinos that are not on passive. We lose a few babies each time someone else in our tribe tries out breeding for the first or second time. So if you do an open platform I would be careful of the hatch phase of breeding. I personally like the idea of hatching outside like that but I always hatch the baby in an enclosed room then lead them outside to raise. Once you have claimed them, your own base is not a hostile environment and a nice place to do it.
  3. Have 3 eggs that we tried hatching with Pteranodons tonight and all 3 ended up hatching with no dinosaur inside. Not that it glitched and fell through the map, or anything like that but not there at all. Missed taking a video of the first 2 that were hatched together and they were not there. Waited about an hour or so later and tried another after game updated to 1.10 and same thing happened of baby not being there. I have attached the video below showing what happened. This is on PVP official server. We also hatched 3 Allo eggs and 1 spino egg close to the same time and no problems with them.
  4. Also, on top of the tribe bit, even if you are an admin and the dino has another player's name above it you will not be able to transfer it. You will have to either have that person unclaim and reclaim the dino into your tribe. This might happen if you switch from one server to another or if you join tribe after taming. One dino I was able to go through claim swap with myself to allow the transfer, but the other 3 i have ran into this issue with all had to be undone by another admin for some reason.
  5. We had a corner of two stone walls that intersected and you couldn't get through, couldn't see any gap, and had a spike wall ring outside of it. The angle was about 135 degrees (45 degrees off lined up with fence foundations auto snap) We lost 5 dinos last night (2 Stegos, 1 Kangaroo, 1 dilo, 1 ovi) due to 2 t-rexes walking right through the corner as if there was not even a wall there. Ended up putting a second layer of walls on the inside of the joint, to make sure they could not get past again. 2nd Rex we watched it stroll right through luckily, so we knew where the point of ingress was.
  6. For me I had my gamma up almost max so that I could see at night and ran into the blinding flashes too. I had to turn my gamma to about 3/4 and it stopped, I tried all the detailed graphics and other options but if your gamma is too high you still might see it.
  7. I guess I cannot be that salty about it, I lost a few dolphins and high level gear. An alliance mate on Scorched ended up losing 2 lvl 200+ wyverns he raised to blue screens in a day this weekend. And one of them he found and it died before his eyes...
  8. Thanks so much for Bringing Underwater caves and the giant squid to PS4, only to have it so broken the water is completely off limits. I was out on our Dolphins with a Tribe-mate when all of a sudden we were getting battle music with only Coel around us and 1 shark. We killed the shark and the battle music didn't go away. So we moved about 200 yards down the ocean and to the bottom and then BAM!!! Instadeath! My friend's Flipper was killed and then he dies. I then am looking around us and the only thing I can see is some new jellyfish in the distance. I then lose my dolphin Free Rirry and a second later I die. Looking at the top of the screen, it says a level 285 Mosasaurus killed us. But WAIT, we didn't see anything though and we were checking. So I get another scuba suit and head down to retrieve all of my Mastercraft tools and crossbow that i had on my character, thinking it might have been an error or glitch. Again, nothing close to me as i near that area of the bottom of the ocean and then BAM! YOU DIED! You lost another Scuba suit! I asked about it in Global chat and one of the alpha tribes said yeah that might have been us, they tried to go into an underwater cave and had a few of them killed by something they couldn't see so they fled on their level 200+ Pliesiosaur and barely escaped with a sliver of health. Seems that it chased them out of the cave and guess what, was in the ocean straight out from our sea creature dock in the ocean. Now that my tribe has lost 4 sets of scuba, 3 dolphins and their purple and above saddles, and of course the 2 sets of gear and weapons that My tribemate and I had with us to an invisible creature we are calling the sea a lost cause. I was really enjoying exploring in the water and had leveled up the Dolphins quite a bit and was looking forward to seeing the giant squid and the new challenges that the update would bring, but since it brought with it invisible high level Insta-Death experiences I guess I am heading over to the desert for a bit of a change of scenery for a short period. Wildcard, PLEASE fix this so we can enjoy the caves and water tames again. I Know I am not the only tribe that has run into this and I know it is normal to lose items, but if it is to something I cannot see or cannot protect against, why even implement this update?
  9. Well after getting a Journeyman fishing pole BP (247 eff) and crafting one last night, I went over to try out fishing and ended up catching about 10 or so fish. Most were small and i think the biggest i caught was a 1.5x. ended up with about 10 to 15 BP ranging from green to blue with 1 yellow i believe. I think I now have a new activity to enjoy and I got another Tribe mate hooked as well. Was pretty hilarious in party chat with 2 of us fishing and the other 6 wondering what the heck was going on (PS4 here). Looks to me that we will have to start the grind of getting ready for alpha killing as this is a slow but very rewarding activity. And agreed, i have enjoyed fishing in several games before such as LOTRO in the past as well Captnmorgan
  10. So as a tribe that has no water skills or setup, what do I need to work towards for killing mosasaurs? Tames? Raft setup? I am completely in the dark when it comes to water here in ark but looking forward to it.
  11. So, on the PS4 here and haven't found any blueprints or rods of higher quality so all i have is a primitive. Where would i go to start the process of getting a better rod? I have tons of sap and the basic rod, is it worth going fishing now?
  12. So, I see it and none of my tribe has done it, but what in the world is fishing and what are the benefits/strategies to it? Is this something my tribe should be investing in?
  13. Next Question for you all, Stat wise, now that I could use a mind-wipe and reallocate, what is ideal for a PVP server stat allocation? Is it different for Base building versus overall life while taming and raiding?
  14. For the water tames, any advice on a pen or something of the like for it? We have a few cross creatures like the toads and crocs but nothing more than those. Would love to start that exploration and get into the other half of the world of arc :).
  15. So First off, we are on a PVP server on the PS4 that is managed well by the top 3 tribes. We have a tribe of about 12 of us, not the alpha on the server but decent standings and dinos. I am trying to stay ahead of anyone starting to tire out of the base building aspect and pack building we are currently going through. (Our group usually turns over a game after a month or so and wanting to make this our base game for a lot longer) So a few questions to all you veteran Survivors out there: What does one do after you have a metal/stone base with Plant X and auto turrets with a decent pack of Trex, Allos, Brontos, etc. and levels 70 and above? Spelunking Caves? Have yet to tame a Quetz but working on the kibble, any tips? What would you recommend we have in our possession before taking on any of the 3 bosses? What keeps YOU interested and still coming back once you are in the end game?