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  1. I would love that as a new way to traverse the water between islands like a water bug, Instead of always flying or rafts. I will say though it is too curvy to be an above ground bug, so I would say it is an aquatic creature as well.
  2. Character yes, but items and Dinos uploaded no from my understanding.
  3. For this, bite the bushes and berries around first. A lot of times it will act like you are trying to hit a bush that is not impacting the metal swing. So if you bite the bushes and harvest those then you can swing and collect the metal without moving.
  4. I will put my vote in for Events to Prim+ as well. There is a good community on console that would love some love from the Devs. We fight with the imbalance of ORP on Abberation versus none on the other servers in the cluster and yes we get the rates from the event which is great but no colours. Would love to be able to get the emotes and other things too, please get it to us too. Please help us out as it really would make a difference for this simple thing. Look forward to Valguero but hope Prim+ is not forgotten about as we did not get Extinction, but I can understand it for sure due to Element.
  5. My last 2 tickets were 22 and 24 days for a response. Yes, originally before the Atlas drop my tickets were around 2-5 days but the vast majority since then have all been several weeks in response. On top of that, if it is not a lost character issue then you get the line of we are too busy to help do anything else so we will not solve your issue.
  6. Bring back the level of customer support to this game before you dropped Atlas. Having a ticket system and ONLY serving those with tickets for lost characters is a piss poor job of support. You had said that you would continue supporting this game through Atlas and yet the response we get from the GM's when they do finally respond (3-5 day response to now 20+ days for a response) is we can only do this small thing because of the high ticket volume. I really appreciated the support once Aberration dropped with all of the stuck drakes, but this change has been since Extinction and now when we lose a chunk of high level dinos to the faulty game/map mechanics: tough luck, submit a bug report, and keep playing? At least come out and say it in a post that we no longer offer ANY support like we did in the past other than for lost characters.
  7. You are thinking of Ragnarok, with this enhancement. The island is like this and requires tools.
  8. From what I understand, those of us that bought the Survivors Pack before release only got the Scorched map. To receive Aberration and the next DLC we will have to buy the Explorer's Edition (45$) or Maps individually (20$/each). I was also under this false assumption (hopefully someone can correct me). So my next question is of course, Where is the Love for PS4 and a price discount? All others get 30-35% off while we have the full price 45$ for the Explorer's Edition. If we already have the Scorched map, why would we spend 45 instead of buying the 2 maps for 20? Give us a reason or discount so that we can also get the Explorer's Edition and Skins.
  9. Thank you for implementing this change and I look forward to the Heavy Turrets and change in Base defenses it makes. I do agree that the effectiveness of Plant x should be increased be it range or something that will make them worth taking up a precious turret count. It will be interesting to see if the perimeters are increased, or what changes this creates. No I do not want it or anything to insta-kill as I cannot count the times I was flying around and all of a sudden got shot by plant x or turrets of well hidden defenses.
  10. After playing way too late for two nights now, up to level 17 with a 2 story wooden base with a 4 man tribe. Starting to feel like I know how not to die in the game at least. Anyone else have that feeling after dying several times in a row of "Maybe I shouldn't be in this area" or "What's going to attack me next?" or is it the opposite, "Man I cannot wait to tame one of these!" I Did have a beginner's question for PS4 in regards to the 24 hour decay limit on a PVE server. Is there one on the PVP servers and what is a PVPVE server? Our tribe would like to look at switching to PVP but wanted to get the basics under our belts in a PVE archetype first.
  11. I am unable to find it in the store for PS4 in USA. Any help on what I am doing wrong?
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