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  1. Hello All! Welcome to the Lemur's Corner Ark Server Cluster. The initial start of the cluster will have the maps open one by one. We will begin on the Island. A new map will open when the last boss has been beaten by 2 Tribes. The maps will open in the following order: Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, then Extinction. If you want items changes (mods,rules, etc. all votes are done on discord!) Server Sponsor: Lemur's Corner YouTube Discord link: https://discord.gg/jscSTKk Server Rules: These are to be followed. If you are looking to inform a mod/crew of someone breaking the rules please provide evidence (Screenshots/vids...). If you want to see a rule added or changed add it to the servers polls page and notify a mod/crew. 1) Have fun! 2) Treat people with respect. 3) Do not block artifact cave entrances!(edited) 4) Do not block high yield spawn points. (I.E. Volcano and Giga Mountain). 5) No abuse of cheats, exploits, or glitches. 6) Do not block obelisks. 7) Do not build on Underwater Drop locations. ? The Server is PvE. On Friday until Sunday Night the server will change to PvP. Mods List: S+: Dino Pick Up Mod - v1.31: Coyodi Stacks 2 (big stacks + mesh): Server Settings: Difficulty: 5 XP: 6 Taming: 13.5 Harvest Amount: 7 Player Water/Food Drain: 0.5 Player Stamina Drain:0.7 Dino Food Drain: 1.375 Dino Stamina Drain: 0.85 Dino and Player HP Regen: 1.9 Dino Count: 2 Structure Resource Prevention Radius: 0.4 Lay Egg Interval: 0.4 Mating Interval: 0..375 Egg Hatching Speed: 6 Maturation Speed: 23 Baby Food Consumption: 0.5 Resource Respawn: 0.2 Cuddle Interval: 0.0825 Day Cycle Speed: 0.3 Day Speed: 0.3 Night Speed: 2.0 Spoil Timer: 2.5 Item Decomp Timer: 6 Corpse Decomp Timer: 4 No Resource Respawn - Player: 0.6 No Resource Respawn - Structure: 0.6 Crop Growth: 2 Crop Decay: .7 All Weight Stats: 12 Fuel Consumption: 0.75 Platform Structure Limit: 3 Enabled Functions: Third Person, Map Location, Unlimited Respecs, Unit Placement Collision, Saddle Multi-floor Platforms, Body Location, PvP Gamma, Anyone Can Imprint The Island Server is Live! The IP to join is as follows:
  2. Hello All! I made this video on how the easiest way to get element dust! This is without doing the orbital drops! Hope it helps!
  3. Wildcard always dependably undependable when it comes to timelines and promises.
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