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  1. I am grateful for all the fixes and issues you guys have addressed recently, but the elephant in the room is still the character loss issue. I know the Genesis Hexagon Exchange brings some issues to deal with, but otherwise I don't understand why you can't even band-aid fix and let us have a permanent character to download. You host all these special events 'unlock emotes to use, raise dinos faster!' but what is the point if you can just lose your character at any moment? The worst part is I know you guys see these kind of messages and don't care either. I don't know why I bother trying.
  2. I think Small tribes is '10x old values' and Arkpoc servers are '12x old values', otherwise it gets confusing when compared to official's '4x old values' Official = 1x rates, which is 4x old values Smalls = 2.5 rates, which is 10x old values Also please consider wiping Small Tribes sometime, the gamemode pretty much has only exploiters and RMT/shops playing it nowadays.
  3. Judging by the Legacy-->Official, and when Small tribes was released, it's obvious how much fun there can be had when the main game itself is wiped or has new servers. However before this can happen again, there really needs to be more measures taken for various issues such as duping, character loss etc. Economy and resource management should be a key part of the game, but it's not, and hasn't been for a while now. Genesis didn't help in the slightest, people were able to get mass points, dupe their character, and essentially have infinite of any resource found in the Hexagon Exchange. Likewise, people are still using their duped materials from over a year ago. The legit players gets filtered over time naturally when these things aren't fixed. If you look at Small tribes on PC right now, basically every 'big' tribe is cheating one way or another. Legit tribes simply cannot compete. It's like people are actively trying to break every single dot point found on the Code of Conduct. So yeah, a wipe is really needed if you want to see legit players come back to the game.
  4. Looking forward to the upcoming Quality of life changes! Any chance we could have a method to speed up neutering/spaying someday? Perhaps by holding scissors in your hand or something.
  5. How can you guys be so out of touch when it comes to your game? I get Snail Games is somewhat an independent company that has you guys under control, but wow...those servers are going to be a disaster. - There is nothing competitive about having isolated clusters - Caves and Cliff bases will be essentially unraidable without paracers, quetzals, or cryopods. - You are killing an entire game mode people have worked hard on without any real warning.
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