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  1. I can see that you are working very hard on the game : ) And I loved all DLCs so far. Yes there are Bugs (even very bad ones when it comes to PvP and trolling) but I still love playing your game. Maybe you should ask some of the hardcore-PvP-Players to also test your new gamechanges on an higher-rates-servers. I guess this would be a great opportunity to find out about important broken stuff for PvP. I assume you are already doing this but I wanted to mention it anyway.
  2. I like the idea of beginner servers : ) I hope new players will find the servers.
  3. They poop? :DD Nice addition to the rex lol Nice crunch! I'm realy looking forward to the TLC now. The Direwolf looks much better now as back in Crunch 112 but in my opinion his ears are still a bit to large. The new sniff-mechanic sounds interesting especially to find the explorer nodes : )
  4. As I mentioned in the crunch I would love to see smaller ears on the Direwolf because animals in cold regions have smaller extremeties. In addition I aggree with these guys who say that it needs fur on the legs. : ) Poor wolf needs to stay warm. I would love to see the stego getting some love. Nice plates on its back and the ability to tank turrets to a certain point. Like you have an extra "armor"-ability you can level or that is fix. If this armour is there the stego gets less damage from everything till its broken and than it basically gets a lot of damage and runs away (like with a Yuti roaring) or something. And while you as a player sit between the plates on its back you are protected from turrets setting to "only player" if you have the right angle.
  5. The rework is nicely done. There is just one thing bothering me: the ears of the direwolf should be smaller like in the first model. There is this rule in nature, that animals in cold regions have smaller ears and tails and legs and so on and in hotter regions the extremities are longer. Therefor it would be more realistic to leave the ears short on the new model because the Direwolf is a snow-biom animal. : ) Buuuut everything else is nice. Different but more vital and nice : ) And props to the Ragnarok-Team! : ) Amazing that you finished the map so fast!
  6. Yeah same here. It is nice for the Stego to have this special ability. And it is far more balanced than Paracers and Brontos with platform saddles on top covering the player with metalwalls because you can hit the stego-riding-player and he has to be in a certain angle to the turret. So why dont leave the Stego as it works atm.?
  7. Thank you for posting the link. Actually it is possible to play without the bigger version but you can not be totally sure about wheather you found something. I would suggest to start with the smal picture and take this bigger version to check your suggestions.
  8. Wooow this is big! Awesome content everyone!
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