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  1. I am! Not as far West as you, I'm in Tennessee, but I've not had any issues at all. It's a really nice server. GP rescued me from a rock last night (long story) and everyone is friendly. Pretty quiet, especially at night in my time zone, so more US players would be welcome. It's definitely worth trying out for a day, at least, to see how it goes for you.Just post your Steam profile name or link here, or join us on Discord at and contact GP there.
  2. Hi GP! Your server sounds awesome. I have my own private Island server but I miss the Center. May I join? Steam ID: Mahnogard / 76561198060500274
  3. On the private PVE server I play on, all they have to do is get too close. This was only part of my adventure with my spiky Mallard last night: All because one Dimorph flew too close and got jabbed. In the end, the spikes killed about 15 Dimorphs. I also have spikes guarding a small gap against the cliffs on one end of my base and I get "Your tribe killed a..." notifications quite often. Usually Dilos, Raptors, sometimes bigger stuff like Parasaurs. Occasionally a Trike. Due to the location, not many bigger dinos come over that way, fortunately. (I can't handle another Giga anytime soon...) I think my spikes kill far more dinos than I do. This wasn't always the case, though. On my old server (which from what I can see, had the same relevant settings) the spikes only worked on dinos that were aggro'd.
  4. When you connect to the server for the first time, the game will do the work for you of subscribing and downloading the mods, but it doesn't always go smoothly so you might have to try connecting a few times to get all the mods downloaded. Some servers have a mod collection on Steam to make it easier - that way you can subscribe to the mods and they'll download ahead of time. So if you find a server you're interested in, check and see if they have that available. You don't have to activate them in-game once they're subbed. They'll be loaded when you connect to the server. No idea on the Xbox Elite pad, so hopefully someone else can help you out on that info.
  5. The dino multiplier goes under server settings in gameusersettings.ini as such: DinoCountMultiplier=.75 I recommend going low then increasing as needed, because you have to use DestroyWildDinos command in console to reduce within a reasonable time. (Otherwise you have to wait till they die on their own, which takes ages.) If you increase, you only need to let it load up and "catch up" to the new population numbers. A handy console command is SetCheatPlayer true It displays the current dino count and updates as it changes, among other useful info. Just run it again but with "false" to turn it off. And yes, your dino replacements (or non-replacements, as the case may be) go as you stated in your original post, in game.ini.
  6. You don't have to specify a replacement. Just leave the ToClassName quotes empty, so: NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="MegaRaptor_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="") That's how I do mine. I don't have Gigas, snakes, leeches or Alphas in my SP game. And I agree with you that there are too many dinos. I have the dino count multiplier reduced to 75%. On the Center, 50% works well for me but The Island needs it higher or it gets too empty.
  7. I've got dinos still in the obelisk that I uploaded from my old server back in February. Every once in a while I get one out, so I know they're still intact, but they're much lower level than I'm after now, so I keep them just because... nostalgia, I guess. Can't get rid of my first Procoptodon! The obelisk data is stored locally, and is totally separate from your character, map, etc.
  8. My first Procoptodon is still in the beacon. I couldn't bear to part with him so I uploaded him before leaving the old server. He was low level but I was so excited to find him and he was just so cute! And fun to run around on!
  9. I think I remember seeing that having the line present and set to false will disable the text on the dummy, but I can't confirm it first hand. Perhaps deleting the line altogether keeps the dummy working properly, but disables in on regular attacks?
  10. If in gameusersettings.ini, the line is; ShowFloatingDamageText=true But I think it can also be entered as a command-line argument so check there, too, and see if it's been turned on there.
  11. Yep. I've uploaded some of mine.
  12. My max default pop is lower, because I have several dinos on the NPC Replacement list without replacing them with anything. I agree - a hard limit would be nice but I think it would add some more processing to the server due to the way spawns are calculated. Doing it as a percentage allows the multiplier to be applied equally to all spawns. Now, if the server is aware of its max pop, then it could potentially calculate once to get the percentage, apply it and then all would be the same. Same result, but the server does the math. It just seems too simple to work that way in practice. Spawns are a weird and delicately balanced thing in Ark. But it would be sooo much nicer to just say "I only want about 20K dinos. Make it so."
  13. Strange. In gameusersettings.ini, placing DinoCountMultiplier=.6 under server settings gave me about 18k dinos, IIRC. (I'm certain you have it in the right place - that's more for the benefit of anyone who comes along later.) Running it at .75 keeps it in the low 20s. I'm on a hosted server, but that shouldn't make a difference when it comes to ini changes "sticking". I do have to log off for about 10-15 minutes after DestroyWildDinos to let the server do it's thing. It's a huge resource suck to repopulate, especially since the Center population seems quite a bit higher than the Island. Reducing the server framerate to 10 before running that command helps, too.
  14. I haven't had any crashing problems at all on The Center, but the spawns? OMG. On my private server I had to reduce the dino count multiplier by a significant margin. Spawn weights don't really help in a massive overpopulation situation. The waters were just jammed with mantas, sharks, and don't even get me started on those salmon and piranha in the rivers. I started taking it down to 0.6 but that brought the land-based spawns down too much so now I'm at 0.75 and it seems manageable. Now that I think about it, I wonder if my lack of crashes is due to having 25% fewer dinos. I made the change pretty soon after playing The Center for the first time.
  15. Fur armor makes no sense to me. From wiki: 320 × Pelt 40 × Hide 18 × Fiber 106 × Metal That's almost 300 lbs of stuff sewn up with 18 threads, basically. Makes no sense. And I think that's too much pelt. Granted, getting it is less hazardous now thanks to Beavers, but I feel awful killing them. Regardless, that's a lot of pelt for a set of armor.