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  1. Mahnogard

    [Tool] Larkator standalone dino locator

    Larkator is amazing. In my case, I've been slowly working on a modified setup somewhat inspired by how SKRP has their server set up. No flyers, no carnivores larger than allos, and other spawn modifications. It's tricky because I'm modifying the overall dino spawn count as well as replacements and modified spawn weights for some critters, which can require a lot of little adjustments to avoid unintended spawn imbalances. (First attempt led to a microraptor invasion. LOL) Balancing and adjusting my numbers is soooo much easier with this tool because I can get visual feedback on how my changes affect the numbers and distribution of the affected creatures. The only issue I've encountered is that the tame data wouldn't update unless I manually deleted it from the temp folder. I had done a full wipe of the save including all player data, and after starting over fresh, when I loaded the new one, Larkator was still displaying tames from before. It updated after I deleted the temp files and reloaded the save. There is also a display offset that trends east-ward. The western side of the Island map is dead-on, but it drifts as you go east. HOWEVER, this offset matches my in-game map offset so it's apparently the hand-drawn map image itself that is inaccurately proportioned. In-game, this is actually good if I'm hunting something because my marker will still match up with the displayed location in Larkator.
  2. Oh. No, I didn't. I also don't remember using them before but apparently I did. LOL I shouldn't do stuff before a second cup of coffee. Those options aren't listed on the -h help output so in the course of sorting out our server issues, I forgot about them. Thank you!
  3. I was using ark-tools a few days ago to try to track down some issues our server was having. And it worked - I located the source of our performance degradation. However, when I output tribe data that day, it included a ton of information that seems to no longer be generated and I'm not sure if something changed in the data translation or... ? That day, the tribes json output showed tribe members / roles, recent tribe log, owned items and tribe tames. Now it's only outputting members / roles and recent log. The items and tames are no longer on the report. Edited to add: I'm using 6.0.
  4. So I destroyed the hives and our server save file size dropped by more than half. It went from 80MB to 38MB. They really need to fix this. Until then, people on our server are going to have deal with me wiping out their hives after every dino wipe.
  5. @MaeL Are you still having this issue? It was listed as a fix in 259 but I'm on Ragnarok and it's still happening, so maybe it only fixed the other maps. I've been chasing performance issues for two days and, well, we only have 94 Queens but 621 hives, and over half of the total items on our server is honey. No one has any personal hives yet, from what I can see on the reports, so that makes a hive wipe less painful.
  6. Mahnogard

    @Devs - Feedback on the collision change :)

    Partly, yes, but also when building on an overhang, for example. Sometimes you don't want your entire structural integrity to depend on a couple of foundations or, worse, a couple of stacked pillars. I used to build a lot in one particular ruin on the Center. It's the one near the beach on South Jungle almost directly across from South Tropical. It's tricky to ensure that the back end, which was extended over the back of the ruin, was actually being supported should something happen to the front.
  7. Mahnogard

    @Devs - Feedback on the collision change :)

    I think it is relevant to the topic, because S+ is where a lot of people's expectations of this and how it should work is coming from. I'm very glad WC added this option, as S+ has gotten too involved for my tastes and I already suffer from "engram overload". Using S+ also gave me an idea of potential issues that would stem from this - like placing a storage box then realizing that you can't actually open it because it's clipped too far into something. I'm currently playing on two servers: one (my private server) is using S+, the other (a private RP server) is using the new no-collision option. So, having used both quite a bit, and recently, I agree with you. Being able to further specify collision conditions would avoid a lot of the problems that turning it off completely can cause. I also agree with the person above me about stackable foundations. Actually, I'd go one further - I'd like to see actual stacking scaffolding pieces.Combined with customizable collision, it could really open up the building possibilities.
  8. Mahnogard

    How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    I only have three Leeds on my Ragnarok map, and all of them are fairly close to the blue beacon. My Center map, on the other hand, had so many that I had to disable them because they were jamming up all over the place. That Horseshoe Bay on South Tropical had three crammed into it.
  9. That's sad. I'm not even running Ark off my SSD right now (because it's the world's largest game, apparently, and it outgrew it). This is gonna sound dumb and counter-intuitive, but have you tried moving it to a standard hard drive? Your specs are fine so there has to be something that isn't working as it should, and SSDs do sometimes have problems.
  10. It's not true for me with a 970 and a 4690k. I use SP to test mods before I add them to my server. It doesn't take that much longer than connecting to a server does, when you factor in the time that you watch the mods loading when connecting to a server, while on SP it's in the background. It's a few minutes at the most usually. Now yes, it runs better overall connected to a server than in SP, but the difference isn't nearly as drastic for me as it used to be.
  11. Mahnogard

    Efficient Strategies to Get Started

    Parachutes are awesome. I never really appreciated them until last year when I was watching SotF matches on Twitch. That's when I realized how versatile they are. But yes, it definitely takes practice. I've managed to deliver myself into the mouth of a Rex a time or two by not paying enough attention on the way down.
  12. It's rented, not local. I don't have a spare box and my gaming computer is too much of a multi-tasker to continue using it as a dedicated, so for now I rent instead.
  13. Most people who want to play on official servers aren't going to be happy when they lose options. They do NOT want to play on unofficial. Surely you've seen the discussions on that? The inverse is also true. My Center + Rag cluster that I play on is no one's business but my own. Honestly, if I could opt out of it showing up on the listing, I'd happily do so, but I can't prevent it from being indexed automatically if it happens. Since it's whitelist, it can't be filtered out like password-protected servers can. In fact, an "unpublished" option would be a far better option than bs measures to reduce the number of servers. I guess I'm a "hobby admin" even though I DO know what I'm doing, I just don't want to play with a bunch of other people, and I certainly wouldn't go play on another server. I have my server for a reason. Any FPS indicator would have to be translated to a performance consistency rating, because many players won't understand that servers should be running at / near 30fps, not 60.
  14. Mahnogard

    ARK as a learning tool?

    I could definitely see it used for experiments involving forming small communities, working cooperatively, and some psych / soc analysis regarding how those things can go right or horribly wrong. You would need a few spies in spectator mode to track the latter, and then compare that to self-reporting by the players. I think it would be interesting to watch. You can use mods to introduce more complex economics, and I'm sure there are other mods designed for RP servers that could also add to the possibilities for something like this. You can manipulate the world with false or temporary scarcity / abundance to see how it changes players' approaches and behavior... Building in the game is pretty much my favorite thing, and I could see that being used to explore resource management, form vs. functionality, efficiency in achieving a set goal (giga-proofing, for example) and problem-solving. For example, give them a set amount of resources and a time limit to build a base that will keep them safe for X minutes when a giga is spawned. I mean, I'm half convinced that the official servers are really just a giant social experiment, so yeah, I've thought about these things before. I think part of the reason it fascinates me is because I can't really get into a ruthless mindset and, therefore, I cannot play PVP with any level of effectiveness. Even when I was playing SotF for a while, my strategy was to stay hidden until there were only two or three of us left, then hope for the best. I came in second a few times, third a few more, but I never won because I just don't have what it takes. Most of my kills were Bobs fresh off the drop. I'm just not good at being aggressive and I feel like a jerk if I kill someone else's tames. So yeah, I've often wondered what kind of Hunger Games craziness it would take for me to flip the switch and go on the offense for once.