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  1. When I transferred my gear to the loadout mannequin and back I noticed that my cryopoded giga was no longer in my hotbar. I checked the mannequin's inventory and it was empty. I then tried to replicate this bug with a throw away dino. The pod disappeared when I swapped my gear back and forth from the mannequin. I used the circle menu to do so both times with a full hotbar. This happened on an official xbox pve Crystal Isles map on a Xbox Series X.
  2. When I quit to the main menu from Aberration, the game hard crashes to the Xbox home screen. Though it happens sometimes on other maps Ark crashes 100% of the time when quitting from Aberration. Doesn't matter if it's single player or official server.
  3. I Lost my paid skins as well. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and they're still gone.
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