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  1. On 3/13/2020 at 12:26 PM, Crymric said:

    Waited 42 min for transfer. Put the goods in the vault on the other side. Wait 12 min for transfer. Gameplay time gone, went to work.

    I did that yesterday trying to play, except I only got into game for 1 min to make sure it worked again. Update client, update server - 10 mins. Start client and let mod updates install - 3 mins. Start server - 6 mins. Join game - 1 min, crash. Revalidate files - 30 mins. Redownload 3600 and some files - 20 mins. Install same files - 15 mins. Start game, join server - 4 mins. It works - 1 min. 

    Log off, shut down everything and say goodnight - who cares, 90 mins game time gone. I just wanted to look around for a friggin featherlight. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Kodking194 said:

    <snip my comment about Immersive Tame mod>

    I have heard of it and know a bit about it, could you enlighten me on what it does and how it works?

    Sure. It adds a whole new taming mechanic which I find amazingly better than Ark's default.  The idea is that you generally have to run around in the wild with your prospective tame, getting to be its friend by feeding it, defending it from enemies / helping it kill things, and petting it / giving it care as it starts to like you more, until it's fully tamed. The food is a special taming bait which you make with the mini-stations included in the mod (food or kibble).

    As I said, there's an option to start the taming by defending it in combat, and once you do that it goes non-aggro to you and you can run around with it per the normal taming process. Which is extremely fun compared to the boring default trap-tranq-wait taming.

    But, there's more! hehe. Big predator tames aren't up for listening to some little monkey-thing, even if you feed it. We're still food to it, until we prove we're not food by defeating it in combat. You craft a trophy bait (you get the part by killing something big - rex, spino sail, wyvern talon), toss it out at your tame, it accepts your challenge and the fight is on. Do enough damage to win and it goes to non-aggro on you and you can run around with it per the regular process. 

    I find this to be the best process. It adds progression as you can't just tame a rex as soon as you get tranq arrows. You have to be able to kill a rex, spino or wyvern for the trophy part, and you have to be able to stand up to a rex in combat before it will let you tame it. This is a perfect progression mechanic imo, well done to the mod author.

    There's a full-bore in-game control panel accessible to admins (hold E on the taming journal) which lets you customize most anything.There's even a "knockout" setting to preserve the regular knockout taming method, and you can also choose to regular-tame anything. Fantastic flexibility.

    I set the difficulties up because the defaults feel too easy, but the taming food requirements down because grinding food and kibble isn't the point lol. The settings are saved in a file, and you can copy that into another server to transfer the settings. I can post mine for you if you like. I have it set so taming takes about 1/3 of the regular tranq taming time, all predators and some aggressive herbivores need combat taming, and it takes about half of the taming food of the defaults. I also changed the kibble recipes to just convert kibble directly into Immersive Taming baits. 

    Let me know if you try it and want to try my settings, I'll post it for you (and everyone). 





  3. On 2/24/2020 at 8:28 PM, Kodking194 said:

    i came back to see the rex being ganged on by 3 sabers, a flock or vultures and and 4 argents, i whistle stop and charge in on my wolf, primitive shotgun in hand, i managed to kill the argents and sabers allowing the rex to heal up. it was too risky and hard to aim at the vultures with my shoty so i used a rifle. he was enarly dead but the rex won. as i started to leave he turns to me and charges full bore at me, after i saved him from near death multiple times he wants to kill me. i ran away and forgot the deodic. after going back and getting the doedic i decided that was enough for today

    Hah, that's what's great about the Immersive Tame mod, it has a setting for combat assistance starting the tame process. That Burgesssssss guy put a lot of work into that mod.

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  4. 20 hours ago, Stretch11 said:

    Have you tried a Baryonyx or two?  They are smaller and less likely to get stuck, they do not use oxygen (and thus will not drown), and they can spin stun just about anything in the water.  I use them against Alpha Sharks all the time.  That said, I have a Spino on guard in my regular water pen and the pen is deep enough for Basilos but not deep enough to drown a Spino (I hope).  I had not considered the case where the guard would go after something on the bottom and drown after the battle was over.  I also have a deeper pen where I am keeping a non-tame Leeds that I built the pen around and I guess I should take my own advice and stick a couple of Baryonyxes in with it just in case.

    No, the guards' positions in the pen were unchanged, they hadn't gone after anything. They were just dead on the bottom, right below where I had left them on top. They got Ark'd.

    So an oxygen-using dino in the water will apparently drown when you come into render range, and that includes log ins. I noticed  wild sheep that were in the water, up against the wall, but at the top and unhurt, were dead when I came back for them. I flew out of  render on a wyvern and flew back in the same way, so they weren't  rendered for long either way. 

    So, there's that. A bary is still pretty big, but maybe it wouldn't get hung up on the bigger dinos. And...maybe I could set up a beaver lifeguard station at the edge to add DPS. I could put ramps down and have them on follow to something out of the water so they climb out afterwards.


  5. On 2/17/2020 at 9:39 PM, Cymas said:

    Fresh from the success of the weekend, I hopped on after work to continue grinding out the levels on my rexes. Got another HP mutation, swapped out to my melee line, got a melee mutation. Then finished my second to last rex on the rest of the eggs. Couldn't have asked for a better stopping point for the night while the two new rexes grow.

    One last rex to level up and I also have to replace 2 rex saddles. I thought I was only short 1, but I ran out of saddles before I ran out of rexes. Ah well, I should be able to make them both but I'll do a metal run tomorrow just to be sure. I have more than enough hide for a dozen more saddles and my theri ensures endless fiber stacks with a quick jog to the plants outside my walls.

    I do believe I can probably take on Gamma Dragon on Wednesday at my current rate of progress and then save the Alpha for the weekend. If all goes well I can move on immediately to preparations for the Overseer.

    Funny side note, a meg killed one of my basilos while I was semi afk between egg batches, I just saw the death message. But when I went to go after it, it was already dead. I can only assume my neutral spino couldn't reach to attack it over the back of the other whale but as soon as it went after the next one it was in range and got instantly shredded. I never did finish the ocean side of my compound. Not really the biggest deal, it killed one of my triplet stat whales, and one that was not imprinted or anything. So aside from the annoyance of losing a tame and a minor source of oil, it was barely a loss worth noting. If it had been my cave whale, that would be a much different story...

    I've been experimenting with agile water guards to avoid that. I'd had megs on guard in my water pen, but I found a 150 meg had glitched in (render bug) and was chewing on one of my basilos, and the guard megs were stuck on the other side of the basilo. 

    So I tried castoroides, as they're small and agile in the water and hit as hard as a meg. I positioned 4 in the water pen, floating at the top of the water with good saddles on. 

    Next time I logged on, they were all at the bottom, drowned. FYI don't use castos as water pen guards :(

    But an important point is that it's a shallow-water pen. With deep water pens you can position your guards underneath and they'll be able to get around the tames to attack the intruder.

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  6. Installed and tested the Cnidaria Nerf mod. yeeeeeEEEEESSS! Works perfectly, they don't stun or dismount you anymore, but they still hurt and do torpor (and they will break your flippers pretty quickly). Just right as a threat. 

    Although it says eels still dismount you. But eels don't dismount anymore, I've chewed up tons with a sarco. ?? w/e, water is much more balanced now. 

  7. On 1/13/2020 at 9:25 AM, DaveH said:

    2 days later and another female dust gacha popped out, happy days. I didnt leave this one's side. Also tamed a bunch of squid on ragnarok. More cave sharks spawned inside my island base as well. All water dinos on neutral now.

    Hmm, cave critters aren't supposed to be tameable, but... have you checked? :) 

  8. I'll put in that I gathered ingredients and made feed kibble with a modded cookpot. Nope, that's it. Lost my best shark getting a plesi, got into breeding another, then bred a good dunkle, a good squid, a good megaloceros so I could clear the castle, and ran out of food.

    However, previously I had gone out and tamed beavers, then mated them to get like 6 good beavers, then set them as guards on my water pen. I tried sharks but they get stuck too much, had a 150 shark glitch through and was eating my basi (slowly), and the guard sharks were all stuck. Hopefully beavers will work better.

    Edit: WTFFF I got arked. All the beavers I left in the water happily floating at the top were at the bottom, dead, when I just checked them. How? Why? I turn my local server off when I'm not playing. Are they bugged to render in below the water when the server starts, and not come to the top because that's rigged to player dismount? 


  9. On 12/5/2019 at 9:37 PM, Tigressized said:

    *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start?

    -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home

    -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino

    -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by

    -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno

    -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!”

    -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night

    In the end I just went to Ragnarok

    Welcome to the best map :) 

  10. On 12/6/2019 at 1:09 PM, PertySlick said:

    I just started a single-player Abberation map because I'm on the Windows 10 client and cannot connect to any servers.  First time playing Abberation.  I started in the first (assumed easiest) spawn location and had to endure about 15 Raptor/Basilisk deaths before I could finally get on my feet and tame my own Raptor pack.  Just kept telling myself "gotta get to those tranq arrows".  So many Lystos, Moshops, and Parasaurs lost along the way as well.  I felt pretty competent at Ark until I tried starting Abberation.  Lol!

    Yeah, Portal 1 is a total trap. Try Edge 4. It's dangerous there but there are spots on the edge of the cliff next to the blue zone where it's safe. My base is at 44/46 between the big metal shell and the cliff edge, right on the path down to the blue zone, but no nameless spawn there. I lived on the flat spot on the very edge for safety until I could wall off between the metal shell and the cliff for dino space. I think it's a perfect location, and it wasn't hard to get started there. 

  11. On 11/4/2019 at 11:06 PM, Slvr said:

    I had a pretty awful day, all in all.

    I've been struggling for weeks to keep my footing on the PVP ORP Ragnarok server, but me and a friend (the one I was with before we merged with another tribe) have been fighting nonstop. There's no one really at fault. We are at the end of our rope with each other and we just can't tolerate one another anymore, I don't think. I can't exactly make her leave nor do I want her to stop enjoying the server, I just want to get away from her, and I can't do that while in the same tribe so I've had to accept that I need to leave. 

    The thought of losing 10+ months of work however is devastating. I have 700+ creatures in an ARK Smart Breeder file I've mostly been the one to work on. Everyone has names. My lines are tangled up in hers, however, so I can't quite stay on the server. I am going to move to singleplayer/a non-dedicated world with my boyfriend. I have decided to use a temporary god character on a singleplayer Ragnarok to try to cheat/breed creatures with the same or similar base stats to the ones I had on the server. So far, I've successfully done this with the allosaurus I had. 

    I plan to store them on Ragnarok, and whenever me and my boyfriend get a new creature, if I have some stored in the Ragnarok world, we can then bring them over to use. That way they don't entirely ruin our experience, but I can still work with them in an interesting setting. We've also been talking about adding some NPC mods to see if we can salvage something of a PVP experience.

    It's a fun game, but man the way official started taking over my life and not to mention how easily drama with one person ended it, is devastating. 

    You can unclaim or upload to an obi to keep dinos when switching tribes. You might be able to just breed breeders to take away in order to untangle the lines.

  12. 7 hours ago, Anarki said:

    So... newbies. To help or not to help.

    There is a new girl on the server, always asking questions - always polite. 

    I have always helped new players, given them tames to give them a little lift and last night was no exception, a born 275 Ptera and a 150 Event Purple and Green Clone Wyv. 

    I left them to it whilst put out my Gigas I had no intention of raising (2x485s and 1 x535) as my delivery of 615MD hasnt arrived from a friend yet - thought I may as well raise them as back ups so I can say at least I did something with the 2x rates etc.

    Tribemate popped on, saw the messages from newbie and was like 'Ive given up helping newbies as it takes away their experience and they always lose whatever I give them within an hr anyway'.

    Low and behold, I see a message an hr later that they have lost their Ptera and Wyv... the question is, have I made their game a lot less enjoyable as they now believe they have lost something so important to them - but was it really that important?

    Maybe I shouldnt give them tames, but I always do... any thoughts?

    Don't give tames, give the tools to get tames - tranqs, kibble, etc. Maybe decent tools too, better pick, axe, bow, etc. Those and advice are all you can give without really disrupting their gameplay. 

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  13. On 10/15/2019 at 10:28 AM, Rosati said:

    This morning was an emotional roller coaster of events. First while flying around trying to find obsidian and crystal so I can make more upgrades to our base I must have ended up where I died a while back because there up in the sky just flapping happily away was the pteranodon that I thought I had lost a week ago! I was on cloud 9 and I should have known that it wasn't gonna last because this game sucks like that... Made it back to base with my MIA ptera and the one that I tamed the other morning. Parked them in their area and proceeded to jump on my Arky to try and get some more metal and rock to finish the walls of the barn I'm trying to make before I leave for a week. Can we talk about the sensitivity of trikes for a moment. Because I didn't even see this one in my view and when I went to get some berries out of a bush I some how triggered this thing to attack me and down went me and my Arky..(RIP Bumi) Ok I'm upset that its gone but I got the saddle back and it wasn't that big of a level so I can tame another one. No big deal. So I  start to run around and try and gather things that I need to get a tame going run back to base and I see my jerboas and dodos going crazy in the corner of our base and hear a ruckus outside. I run out and see that a raptor came and tried to eat my doedi which caused my lower level ptera to fly down and start attacking which ONCE AGAIN caused a trike to join the fight and dragged a turtle in the fight as well. When it was all said and done the turtle, trike and raptor were dead, but so was my ptera (RIP Sherri). Found a new Anky to tame and with the help of my GF who watched it for me while I got ready for work we are only down on bird. (Please don't die soon Toph) But on the plus side got some large planter boxes built and have crops growing so hopefully soon I can start making kibble which will help with taming of things and not having to rely on trying to scrounge for narco berries all the time. 

    You know your anky gathers berries at 5-star rating with the right-click attack? :)

  14. 6 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    ...took a look at my monitoring app (CPUID HWMonitor) and noticed the problem right off the bat... idle in windows my cpu was sitting at 40c, fan speed was fine, still running at max.. ...Now at idle its sitting at 8-10c, jumping to 20c while browsing the web, doing meh things on the pc.  

    Just mentioning, those CPU temps seem to be about half normal. It's very average for a CPU doing nothing to be at 20-25c, regular desktop stuff at 35/40c, and under full load up around 70-75c, shutting down when it gets to 80c or higher.

    Are you sure your software is working right? not reporting the north bridge temp or something? (lol)

  15. On 9/23/2019 at 7:19 PM, Cymas said:

    Short session today.

    My stack mod updated at some point since I played last.

    I logged in to find all of my consumables gone. Empty generator, empty fridges, dead crop plots. all of my mats gone...things I've been stockpiling since day 1. I have my animals and my gear and nothing else.

    Played just long enough to get gas in the generator before it ran out, harvested a few rare flowers for the beehive, and started the beetle again to start refilling my crop plots.

    Then I logged off because I had a really bad day and this is just too overwhelming to deal with.

    That completely sucks. If you can't restore a backup, consider deleting the stack mod and going to stack .ini entries? I can post a decent list for you if you want, and you can tune to suit. 

    edit: nm, and grats on getting your stuff back :)

  16. 1 hour ago, DeHammer said:

    Started executing my plan for an in game 'Dino Archive'. We normally play on dedicated/hosted private servers, to which I have no access or control. We have two servers and we alternate maps occasionally. I've been playing on Ragnarok for about 7 months now, and in that time I've build up some great bases, and tamed & bred a lot of different dinos. I've been trying to think of a way to protect my work from potential loss. For instance, I have some dino breeding pairs backed up with a second mating pair that I've uploaded or cryo'd. I also have a stash of eggs from those mating pairs in fridges. But what if we suddenly have a major technical issue with the host server and lose the entire Ragnarok map save files? 

    So I decided to fire up a non-dedicated server, on a map of my choosing, created an 'archive keeper' survivor, and started building a special 'archive' caste. Since I can use the transmitters/Obelisks to transfer items & dinos from the dedicated server I play on, to my non-dedicated locally hosted game, I plan to 'archive' copies of my dinos by moving samples of them over to the non-dedicated server, where they will be cryo'd in my archive castle. Then I can backup my non-dedicated game, and store the game files on external backup drives. 

    It has several advantages. Time stands still on the non-dedicated server when it's not loaded. So no worries about electrical generators running out of gas etc. Also, no other players can join my non-dedicated sessions, so my archived dinos are safely out of reach from other players. Since the dinos are saved locally, I have ready access to their save & configuration files, all of which can be backed up to secondary discs/drives. 

    Yup, that's one of the main benefits of a local server. I was just doing a playtest server and ended up making it my home base server. It now has tames from a few different unofficials :)
    Did you know dino stat boosts from server settings will adjust based on their current server settings? It's great, I don't have to worry about getting OP dinos in the mix as their stats shift down to my server's (base) values.

  17. 3 hours ago, Stretch11 said:

    Official PvE Valguero, all by myself

      I found where the Argies hide and I will have to come back later to get one.  Unfortunately, it looks like Yutys and their boosted Carno minions also like that area. 

    The best Argie spot is over towards the green obi, near the lava cave. Argies all day long there, and the only ground threats I've seen were carnos and rexes. Just build your trap up high and a bit aways and you should be fine. (which reminds me, I need to go get one myself from over there, need a second).

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  18. On 4/23/2019 at 5:11 PM, DauntedVenus said:

    There should be a way to separate the balances made to dinosaurs and game mechanics between PvE and PvP.

    There technically is, PvE and PvP are different game modes. I understand WC doesn't want to maintain two configurations of the game.

  19. On 4/23/2019 at 5:12 PM, d1nk said:

    I agree with the topic but not the flier nerf bit. It was needed and shouldnt be put back in.

    or they should all get swoop, and if flyers being good and fun causes a problem with the ground game, then WC should fix the ground game, instead of breaking the part that people liked.

  20. 22 hours ago, Stretch11 said:

    Official PvE Valguero, all by myself

    I still have not settled in an area to build a base.  The most interesting place along the lake that is unpopulated by castles is currently populated with three Spinos.  I might be able to trap one, but three is a bit much at this stage of development.  In the meantime, I have discovered that you can build a lot on rafts even in areas that have been overly pillared.  I now have my main raft with living area and enclosed construction devices up through metal plus a "trap" raft with a 3x3 capture area at the end of a ramp plus a "hydroponics" raft just for farming.  I discovered that you cannot put plumbing on a raft, but crops work with just the regular rains if you are willing to wait for them.

    I used my "trap" raft to catch a male and a female Stego, my first tames.  Their eggs will drive my standard kibble process along with the farming.  I just caught low-level ones since I will only be using them to make eggs for kibble and a 150 Stego would take over six hours with just berries.  After I make enough kibble, I will go for a high-level Ptera to give me more mobility.  I am kind of torn between a Ptera or a Pelagornis, but the Pelas on Valguero never seem to perch on land making them a bit harder to catch.

    Then I guess I will go looking for something large to tame with standard kibble.  With a Ptera, I might even be able to steal a Deinonychus egg or two.  With all the times that i died in the White Cliffs (20+ per day for a couple of weeks), I deserve to get something good out of them.

    I am glad that i decided to restart in PvE.  I can build up resources and not have them stolen every day or two.  A few of the neighbors have stopped by to say "hi", but I will probably have different neighbors when I finally settle down from my nomad phase.

    FYI you can fill crop plots from water skins or jars, and pteras and pelas will both land on your raft, esp. when you've got a good flat spot and are standing up there. You used to be able to bola and knock out pelas right on the water and tame them there (they floated) , but sharks generally made that a bad option. But you could probably build a cage off of your raft and just drive it right around one though. 

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  21. On 4/23/2019 at 11:48 PM, Supersonic said:

    Just a small Quality of Life improvement, please make Ankylo auto-harvest metal like Doedicurus does with stone! Would be nice to get the metal on side of the mountains without a Quetzal. Thank you.

    IIRC this was the original method, it was patched out to incentivize joining tribes. There's currently a mod for it too, but it does have to change the dino BP, so that gives you problems with transferring. RIP about 4 ankys, including a max-level pure red event one.  

    also +1 to the suggestion, I use the mod right now.

  22. 1 hour ago, WarpSpasm said:

    I joined the game after rag, thanks to youtube, at first I thought it was just me it was happening to. I haven't played online because of time constraints and decay timers, which means little to no interaction with other players.

    I use the High Levels mod. I'd much rather be able to get good tames, but need them because everything is high level, than fight to get a good tame and when I get one, just be walking over all the low-level opposition. I'm also using Immersive Taming with extended taming times though, so getting good tames takes time and has excitement to it.

    Example, 3 hours recently to tame down a 185 lightning wyvern. My 334 fire wyvern barely lived through the taming combat portion, then I died twice and lost a high-level snow owl during the rest of the tame. It was fun! :D 

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