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  1. If uploads are enabled on the cluster, upload them and download them onto your own local game, either server or SP. I play on an unofficial and download cool tames from there to my local Rag server so they're all safe and backed up.
  2. Your CPU is fine, it's much more your RAM, GPU and hard drive speed for Ark. 16gb and an SSD will work wonders for it, and a 1060 or better will take it the rest of the way. I used to have an old Alienware with an i7 3770, 16gb, GTX 780, SSD, Ark ran fine except needed a faster video card (780 was about equal to your current one). Downgraded to a low-level i5, 8gb, GTX1060 and 500gb HD and could barely get on servers and it had big lag. Re-upgraded to i5 4670, 16gb, GTX1060 and SSD, Ark runs far better than it ever did before even though the CPU is weaker. Could still use faster vide
  3. There's a mod for that by the map maker- Map Extension for Valguero. I haven't yet searched well enough to find the owls, featherlights, manas or velos, but I can confirm the others are there.
  4. Build a big cage under that spot so they fall into the cage and are safe? I think it's possible on Valguero, whereas it's very difficult on Ab, 50/50 is red zone.
  5. Are they single foundations? I believe singles now auto-decay quickly, as a measure to try to cut down on foundation spam.
  6. Did you know that you can use charge batteries with S+ stations, and there's a charge node station too? If it weren't for the elevator I wouldn't have a generator anymore.
  7. On valguero? The green fields at the north end of the lake. Confirmed unicorn spawn, I got mine there and this last week, the Neebs Gaming crew got one on Youtube lol. (And then they put it on a t-shirt lolol).
  8. Open chat, then Alt-PrtScrn for evidence. You can paste the pic right into Discord from there. Also, whatta d-bag.
  9. See that right there is how to have fun in Ark
  10. On TI? If so, I used to get all I wanted from the field southwest of the Green Obi, by the river. I put a base on the bluff by the river / pond with the big walkway up, made a behemoth-gate trap on the walkway and just pulled them up and closed the gate behind them. I would generally get a 140+ every session, after I had 6 I stopped collecting. Bonus, there's an ovis spawn just south on the river bank and a quetzl path right over it.
  11. Tell the server admin and show them the evidence. You don't have to stay on the server but the other server ppl deserve the warning. You can get clipped through walls, esp. windows in a number of ways. Climbing picks are known to let you pop through windows and walls at corners, YT has videos showing you how. Picking someone up with a dino lets you push them through things (mesh biting). Monkeys can even be thrown through windows to unlock doors, but that's for PvP use, not sure if it works in PVE.
  12. Win10 is working surprisingly well for me, esp. for Ark and gamez. I did have to download Windows Update Blocker so they can't force updates on me. That settled all stability issues, I prefer to let others test MS's patches for awhile Side note, the compact.exe with Win10 is a gem. It crunches apps by 40% and there's zero impact to Ark's gameplay that I can see. It does take a few more seconds to load the client, but nothing else I've noticed. (this is on an SSD so YMMV).
  13. I once saw a PvE player on a dozen-person server attempt to claim Viking Bay as a base. The WHOLE bay area, with foundations and signs and everything. It's a newbie spawn and everything. Some friggin people.
  14. As an unofficial server operator, I can honestly say that stack size increases help a lot. Even if you can't move with the weight, it's helpful when transferring from dino to storage. And the handling of all of the light things like fiber, thatch, chitin, hide is much improved. Also, high-qual items can require more cap than an official workstation can hold, making you wait until you have a tek replicator or forcing you to work around with a high-weight argy. Generally it's the light items like hide and fiber that push the limit, so increasing stack for those items is very helpful for av
  15. I tamed my first one in the swamps near the Green Obi. If you head from the obi down southeast, there's at least one that spawns in the jungle there, I've seen it many times on the south edge of the trees near the cove. Actually, you could just check this - https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(The_Island)
  16. nebula210 - Rock Drake needs a nameless-venom milk mustache
  17. I checked on the Server Manager's discord, DelilahEve confirmed that you need to be in a cluster to transfer with inventory. Otherwise you have to use Ark Data. ....now I wish I'd clustered my three local servers lol. Bad server manager! Bad! hehe
  18. ^^ might be the answer, my local servers are not clustered. I'll go look it up. Thanks for the info! (I now return the thread to its regularly scheduled discussions )
  19. You mentioned him vaulting stuff though, so that's what confused me - how the vaulted items would get transferred? Related, does it take a special configuration to not have your inventory destroyed on transfer? I remember having to put everything in Ark Data first. Thanks for your help!
  20. If you wouldn't mind explaining, how does that work?
  21. Try the ponds near the jungle cave, I routinely find them there. Also the Viking Bay cave often has 1 or 2.
  22. Yeah we really, really need a mid-level forge upgrade (and stove, and cookpot). I put in the Miniforge mod and it's an excellent step (really perfect for solo player, no need for an indy), but it's not updated for scrap metal yet so I still have to keep a basic forge for that.
  23. Don't support the vaulting idea, but continual TLC for dinos is a full YES. But, in somewhat of a different TLC way. The biggest reason old dinos are old is that dino abilities were developed in conjunction with new dinos. Ark's development was all about the new dino on the block, so of course the others got left behind. But it's completely possible to backport appropriate abilities to older dinos, and I think that should be the focus of the next TLC efforts. Instead of trying to make an older dino the new hotness, build the fundamental fun factor of the game by increasing player acc
  24. Wow, thanks for continuing the bug-fix and QoL improvements! And I'm looking forward to the easter event - time to collect some awesome rock drakes and argents!
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