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  1. Installed and tested the Cnidaria Nerf mod. yeeeeeEEEEESSS! Works perfectly, they don't stun or dismount you anymore, but they still hurt and do torpor (and they will break your flippers pretty quickly). Just right as a threat. Although it says eels still dismount you. But eels don't dismount anymore, I've chewed up tons with a sarco. ?? w/e, water is much more balanced now.
  2. Hmm, cave critters aren't supposed to be tameable, but... have you checked?
  3. Yes, was just going to post about this. You can reduce (or increase) the damage factor and resistance of dinos individually like that. It needs to go in your game.ini file. I use ASM so it puts everything in the correct place in game.ini, my entries go player entries - dino spawn weights - tamed dino entries - wild dino entries.
  4. It happens on some servers, I was playing on The Axeman's server and I routinely had to log off and back on several times to get synced up. Note, while you are in that state, the biome is active and not in stasis anymore, so your tames and such can be attacked and you won't be able to help them.
  5. The only thing that stops me from getting a tall tame right off on any map is the level restrictions on saddles. If I catch a spino or rex saddle in a drop, the next thing I do is go find a tall spot to pull one into and tranq it down. It's just that nuisances are not threats, I don't enjoy being pestered when I'm in a place where I could actually have some scary happening. And the instant you have the ability to make tranq arrows, you are capable of taming a really big friend. It's horrible game design but w/e, I'm way past waiting for WC to get some sense and make actual progression.
  6. That's my number 1 usage. If you've graduated up from raptors, you've graduated up from deinos. The issue isn't really the dino, it's all the nuisance threats that you are freed from when you're on a tall dino like a spino. That's why people don't use small dinos anymore, it's just endless annoyance compared to a tall dino or flyer.
  7. My reaction too. So..I can carry a baryonyx with an argie and a MAMMOTH with a quetz, but not things that are a fraction of the size/weight with a quetz? I do understand and agree with size limits on crab carry, but a kapro / galli / procop all look equal to or lighter than an anky. Why are this even happening? If they'd like some suggestions for carry nerf targets, start with stuff that obviously makes no sense, like quetz and mammoth, or argy and baryonyx. ???
  8. I'll put in that I gathered ingredients and made feed kibble with a modded cookpot. Nope, that's it. Lost my best shark getting a plesi, got into breeding another, then bred a good dunkle, a good squid, a good megaloceros so I could clear the castle, and ran out of food. However, previously I had gone out and tamed beavers, then mated them to get like 6 good beavers, then set them as guards on my water pen. I tried sharks but they get stuck too much, had a 150 shark glitch through and was eating my basi (slowly), and the guard sharks were all stuck. Hopefully beavers will work better. Edit: WTFFF I got arked. All the beavers I left in the water happily floating at the top were at the bottom, dead, when I just checked them. How? Why? I turn my local server off when I'm not playing. Are they bugged to render in below the water when the server starts, and not come to the top because that's rigged to player dismount?
  9. Yeah, Portal 1 is a total trap. Try Edge 4. It's dangerous there but there are spots on the edge of the cliff next to the blue zone where it's safe. My base is at 44/46 between the big metal shell and the cliff edge, right on the path down to the blue zone, but no nameless spawn there. I lived on the flat spot on the very edge for safety until I could wall off between the metal shell and the cliff for dino space. I think it's a perfect location, and it wasn't hard to get started there.
  10. How is that the PvE players' fault? Those same players do all kinds of things in other games, because the developers made things to do. WC did not, because they fell into the trap of thinking their PvP market was big enough to keep them going without the PvE market, and you don't have to create a lot of PvE content for PvPers. You just turn friendly-fire on and watch them spazz out trying to kill each other. For as long as their PVP ADD lets them, that is. They get distracted and wander off to the next shiny thing all the time. So, you know, good luck to WC with that, and when the PvPers have all gotten bored and gone to more exciting games, maybe they'll buckle down and make some PvE content to attract long-term, repeat buyers before they go under. Probably won't work though, this is a common pattern with open-world game devs. They let PvPers take charge and the game goes to sh8 because only a few elitists really want that kind of game, and the game goes on the long slide down.
  11. It sounds more like you don't like being in situations where you aren't allowed to actually play against the things that are attacking you. Me either, and there is nothing wrong with that. Immobilization mechanics are the most avoided mechanics in games, because it's incredibly easy to cause player frustration instead of player enjoyment. You have to implement them very carefully and test them a lot to make sure they're upping the tension instead of destroying the fun. Random item loss is simply not done, for the same reason. Players don't like it when they lose stuff without a chance to actually play in some way. Imagine if instead of seagulls and pegos, you had to walk through an area which just poofed something out of your inventory. How many players would say "Oh, that's fun!" and how many would say ... words you can't put in a forum post lol.
  12. +1 not everyone popcorns stuff all the time, not everyone does OSDs daily. I don't like picking up random poop because I was opening a light pet's inventory and missed the hitbox (glowtails are horrible for it). Another vote for using the Drop key instead (O on PC). Does that even do anything if the inventory is not open?
  13. If this company made the investment to turn itself around and demonstrated they could manage game development at AAA levels, I'd be willing to pay a monthly sub too, or buy their season passes, or w/e. But I've only bought their stuff on serious sale because of the quality issues.
  14. I only paid once, in Early Access, and then DLCs on sale in years past. Wildcard has gotten the minimum money from me, because they provided a game with minimal quality and that greatly impacts my enjoyment of it. FTR I am a subscription guy. I don't think 15 bucks a month is too much for something I play regularly, *so long as it's good quality and maintained that way*. And I was completely excited about this project. Take 50.00 AAA purchase price + 15.00/mo for almost 5 years, and subtract what I actually paid, which is about 70 bucks for everything and it comes to about 800.00. That's how much money WC has lost from me alone because they didn't deliver a product that lived up to the expectations they set with me. Edit: not to mention that I didn't refer the game to any of the gaming groups I've been with over those years. Three to date, and one of them had 70 players in one game. Edit edit: forgot, they had a 30-person minecraft server too. I'm certain some of those people would have gone for Ark if I'd posted it in the Recommended Games thread on their forums.
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