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      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Thank you Appreciate it! Never could find one in the wild, so resorted to the magic of breeding Tysm
  2. Mutant Jerb! I have been breeding all white jerbs for a while now, and was pleasantly surprised when this little lady popped out!
  3. Hey there Glad everything worked out, and welcome back!
  4. Hehe love this!
  5. Hey there In the same boat! Hope to see you in the trade forum soon, and best of luck to you in your ARK endeavors
  6. Hello and welcome! Best of luck in your ARK adventures
  7. I have had this happen with a few sabers/frogs before, mostly in the Redwood swamp cave. I recommend bringing in all of your lady sabers to mate with him first of all, and hope you get your awesome mutation in one of the babies. The best way I have found to get them un-stuck is by using structures to "pop" them out of place-pillars have helped me the most, you could also try a vault. WC does recommend against using these methods however, so do so with caution, but it is the only way I have personally been able to free my tames. Unfortunately submitting a ticket will do you no good, as at this time they are unwilling to help with stuck dinos. Best of luck!
  8. Had this happen to me as well. Gestation on my Jerboa mother took an extra 45 minutes than it should have, and when the baby did pop I was only able to feed for about 5 min until it spontaneously collapsed. Very disheartening, I had finally achieved my dream of breeding an all white Jerb! Will be taking a break from breeding until they actually fix this issue
  9. Love the turkey! So fun