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  1. BP's nerfed!?

    o hey havent. They nerfed all bps. I had a lot of high level bps I got from snow cave. There is a lot of frozen water in there but as far as I know that doesnt count as fishing. Crossbow bps were never part of the fishing bps as well and I had a 320 and a 380 damage crossbow bps nerfed to 250.
  2. Remove the "admin" function from pms

    Thank you for taking this issue on board. Sorry about the way I took it, sincerely got a little bit offended because usually Off Topic is definitely where I'd expect an issue on the forums to be discussed, just because the forum lacks a place for discussion about problems in it.
  3. Remove the "admin" function from pms

    Hello, first and im sorry. Why is this moved to Off Topic ? This is a serious issue about how the forum works for traders... Second, I will send you a PM, answer to it please. After that I'll kick you out of the PM conversation, try to locate my on yours PM box. Thats exactly what im talking about. Thank you. EDIT: Well I can't PM you, but what im talking about is exactly whats I said before, if I send a PM for another player, Im the admin or owner of the PM and I can kick out of the talk any other person and they'll lose access to the previous conversation.
  4. Remove the "admin" function from pms

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but couldnt find any place to post it. The way PMs work in the forum right now is, if I start a conversation by sending you a PM, im the admin of that talk and I can simply remove you from it anytime, by removing you, you'll lose access to all the previous conversation and the name of the players in there. As there is no way to search a user name or to save its page. If someone starts a trade with you and is the first one to message you and doesnt give what it was supposed to, you cant find it in the forums and it can continue to steal from other players. It can simply PM you, get a deal, remove you from the conversation and thats it.