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  1. Well TBH it seems WC has decided that only a few people that paid for this DLC can play on official PVE. 53 PVE servers is all they have deployed for this DLC. So only 3710 people can play PVE as all servers are capped. The lack of response to this issue speaks volumes that they have gotten your money now and they do not care. As i have said before bad business practice for sure on any future endeavors of WC. One thing i have learned over the years a customer base remembers the service they received be it good or bad and make their choices on future buys based on that. I know I will not be pur
  2. Wildcard not only needs to let people retrieve their Characters from servers but they need to add more servers. They knew there was a lot of hype for this new DLC/Map yet they fell short on supplying enough servers so all those that paid for the Map could play. They need to do right by the community that has supported them from day one and all those that have purchased their game and supply adequate servers . This is just good business practice. Sadly a lot are unable to play due to lack of servers or Characters being held hostage on capped servers that they can not join. Since a lot of player
  3. they will drop in next month lmao not holding my breath, sad really Since every other platform has it but Steam but they delayed it to ddrop all platforms at the same time LMAO.
  4. Seems some servers are down and have been for some time *sad Face*
  5. This Evo event is a joke they only did it because they are not releasing Gen 2 in March as they said they would. May seriously ? I love this game but the endless lies from WC just sealed the deal for me I will Never buy Ark 2. As I am confident it will be the same endless delays. I work hard for my Money and when I buy something I want it as stated by the seller not delayed again and again. If this was any other industry WC would not be in business long. Again that is just my personal opinion.
  6. @Joebl0w13 thanks for the update much appreciated.
  7. I have to admit this Login Lock really Sucks. Had my game day planned and that's gone out the window now since i can not transfer no matter how long i wait .
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