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  1. Need more servers?

    Need more EU PvP Ragnarok's, and more PvP Ragnarok's in general for just the straight official servers. They are seriously popular.
  2. If I recall, crossark only allows you to transfer within your cluster, whereas full official allows you to transfer to any other official
  3. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Was there for zero hour, was a lovely time sitting for hours trying to join a map with my fellow tribemates so we could make something of ourselves. Ended up giving up and note running so I would be useful later, but my god, talk about screwing the pooch on not having a backup solution when your map/server generator goes down.
  4. We were promised something?

    Its Jeremy dude, he'd be late for his own wedding.....
  5. OMFG!!! Every day !

    Have never duped a day in my life, but hey, thanks for the compliment, sorry you couldn't cut it on the first batch of servers lil fella
  6. OMFG!!! Every day !

    Dunno what you're talking about, everything we have in legacy we are maintaining and are still in a massive state of war vs other huge tribes. PvP does not end just because another battlefield arises.
  7. The Game That Keeps Us Coming Back

    I've been on a 1 year bender with only 3-4 days off ark thus far lol
  8. Troodon Taming

    That's a bug, I've seen ptera's that do that after getting tranq'd out by an enemy. Not a lot you can do about that
  9. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    I'm not trying to argue here, or start a debate. But could you possibly give me a reason as to why this is? If I lose a character due to a bug/glitch with YOUR software, something I have absolutely no control over, why would you replace with an inferior replacement? That's like my car manufacturer, placing inferior brakes on my car, causing me to get in an accident, replacing my vehicle with one that is of 90% value of the one they were at fault of getting in the wreck in the first place. It just doesn't make sense at all...... Hopefully you can shed some light on this.
  10. ARK: State of the Game

    Lol I posted this 5 min after he posted the original and had to edit it to include the answer to my question.....
  11. Yup, I understand that. The rumor I heard was all new servers being booted up will be island only and there would be no transfers allowed in between the new servers themselves for the first 3 months.
  12. pvp Server 437

    Just give it time. We've already wiped CG's server 60, 70, 235, 605, 606, and ragnarok 7 of theirs, and probably even more but its getting boring at this point. Wish they knew how to fight.
  13. I've heard rumors of them being island only and no transferred allowed first 3 months. Can you crush those rumors for my own dreams please?
  14. Lol I find you amusing and hilarious when you talk big to people you don't know or without knowing what tribe or ties they have have And its equally hilarious when you talk about cowardice and then admit that you block spawn drops like a coward?
  15. I would for sure raid you offline. Its about survival, not honor. Hence the friggen title of the game lol. This isn't line to line combat in the revolutionary war vs the british bud, this is a survival game against people willing to do whatever it takes to survive. If you have items that benefit me or you could in any way be a threat to me staying alive, I don't give two hoots that you aren't online to defend yourself, that's your problem. I'm gonna be throwing a grenade on top of your body as the game sits there and notifies me that you're sleeping.