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  1. I have a couple of questions First what kind of jacked up base are you running that you have so few turrets that they can raid it on foot? Anything more than 5 turrets shooting me at once and I cannot do it even with my very good armor (and yes I have pieces of that "god" armor you reference). Second, what are they slathering your dinos with? Honey? Maybe ketchup as they eat them? Third, Get used to it. Or better yet, explain to me why you deserve to stay where you are, putting in 3 hours a day, and how you deserve to keep what you have vs people that play 12 hours a day? You want WC to hold your hand because your real life gets in the way? Lets get down to the real complaint you're trying to provide, you want ORP. You don't want someone to offline you. Unfortunately for you this is not a feature of Official servers and likely never will be. This is an equus that has been beaten to death, quite literally.....
  2. I would for sure raid you offline. Its about survival, not honor. Hence the friggen title of the game lol. This isn't line to line combat in the revolutionary war vs the british bud, this is a survival game against people willing to do whatever it takes to survive. If you have items that benefit me or you could in any way be a threat to me staying alive, I don't give two hoots that you aren't online to defend yourself, that's your problem. I'm gonna be throwing a grenade on top of your body as the game sits there and notifies me that you're sleeping.
  3. You're talking about honor though, not mechanics. I'm being logical, not emotional. I don't care that you would or wouldn't offline someone. I really truly don't. That being said, it is a mechanic of the game, a feature. You can complain about it all you want, but it has been since the beginning of the game that the world goes on after you log off. If you can't deal with that, go play a different game.
  4. The very basis of this game not only encourages alpha tribes or mega tribes, it requires this. This game is a real time all time game. You don't press pause as you go to sleep in PvP Official. That very fact right there is the reason single players and smaller tribes don't survive. Alpha's and Mega's realized this a long long time ago and if you'll notice, almost every mega and the majority of alpha's have a variety of nationalities included within their tribe/alliance. Because they need around the clock coverage on the servers, not only for growth (which is very important as well) but for counter attacks, recon, watching out for griefers, etc... That being said, Alpha's and Mega's have a mix and variety of other types of players as well. Take my tribe for example. We have a solid team of people who know how to PvP or who are up and coming in PvP, but we have PVE'ers as well, people who enjoy just farming, just breeding, just building, etc.... everyone supports everyone. PvP'ers provide protection to allow the others to do their job, as well as bring back enemy resources to further support them. Breeders, builders and farmers support the PvP'ers in their never ending fight. Everyone lives, everyone thrives. THAT is why this is a team based environment. You can complain all you want about the timing of things and how "Woe is me, giga takes 2 weeks, nobody has time for that" blah blah blah. But the sad fact is, even if your giga took a day to raise, you still have to sleep sometime, and during that time, some hotshot with a compound is gonna sit outside your gates and make you weep the moment you sigh in in the morning and look at the logs. Same with building, gathering, any other breeding, etc... The game doesn't wait for you, the world keeps going. Commit or get out.
  5. Anyone recognize these names? :/

    Their time is coming, don't fret
  6. ARK: State of the Game

    @Jat Will legacy servers still continue to receive the same updates as the new PvP servers? Or will we be frozen as is as far as updates?
  7. Why do you play PVP?!?

    You seem to have a very poor grasp of the English language (this is me insulting you now btw) because my first post did not throw any "poop" your way lol. Basically just states, agree to disagree, it is what it is, quick rocking the boat. But hey dude, look into it however you want and by all means go ahead and generalize the PvP community into single sentences of disdain and contempt, it shows how manly and how much of an internet touch guy you can be lol. Enjoy being comedic relief for those who will post in this channel doing something you didn't have the patience to do. Godspeed.
  8. Why do you play PVP?!?

    This is one of those comments that I just gotta say, why don't you stay on your side of the fence, and we'll stay on ours. Stop throwing crap over the fence and none shall be returned. Nobody is forcing you to play PvP, go hug your jerboas and be content that nobody will be killing them.
  9. Why do you play PVP?!?

    The challenge. AI in games will never match a human's intellect to push you to the extreme and what you have to do to survive. Have had our main base for about 1.5 years, been through many rebuilds. Highest level dino was well into the 300 range.
  10. Memory Leak?

    Been having this as well, i5, 780 and 16 GB of RAM. Rebooting is my only solution.
  11. Tried tweeting and submitting forms already (form was submitted 3-4 days ago as well about slowness) its been down since 10:30am CST for no reason at all (No DDoS'ing or anything) @lilpanda
  12. I lost my level 100 character.

    I just had this experience, literally just had the 007 error, if that is the bullpoop they give me, I will flip. I poured 2k hours into that character and if a month before launch they tell me they can't do anything, especially if they aren't wiping, I will kill someone.
  13. As someone who water bred, I still applaud this. Water breeding was never supposed to be a means to an end, only demonstrate that it was necessary to do to still be able to work full time and yet raise babies. Nobody should really be able to raise 20 gigas at the same time unless you do it as a full time job. This will of course put a hamper on mass raising dino's, but at the same time, bases were never designed to have 200 bronto's sitting in the water and raising at the same time. My only question for this, if you can answer it is, will "stasis" still exist if the dino is not rendered?
  14. You've already proven you are biased towards unofficial servers with your points, not to mention increasing player count on official servers, especially considering they are in clusters, would strain their current hardware even more and thereby provide a worse experience than people already have. So, how about no?
  15. Ragnarok quetz spawn

    Killed a few of them by blue obi near the stony fields there. Seems to be a main spawn area for them.