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  1. Anyone else having an issue where you can't join Scorched because you have items in your inventory. ( I do not, no cosmetics and no items at all). I've checked the Cosmetics tab and only thing there is the default grey items. You can't drop those. If I put my char in upload and try to download him onto SE it says I have 3 unsupported items for SE.
  2. Looking for an active Tribe on NA Server 5000 Hours of ASE 600 Hours of ASA 41 years old Have mic Work from home and online 8+ hours a day Discord = parab00n
  3. Most of the NA-PVP-Smalltribe servers are missing too. They are 4 online with less than 70 people. you try to connect to any of them and it says server full. 15/70 people somehow is full
  4. Is SmallTribes 9091 still a thing? I called it a night yesterday when it was slow coming back up from the previous patch. I wake up this morning to see 25.25 rolling out and its still not back up.
  5. Having the same issue, haven't been able to join for the last 8 hours after a disconnect from earlier in the day.
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