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  1. jesswoods

    pve Chill PVE Server looking for more!

    Crystal Isles 2.5xT 2.5xXP 3xBreeding - 2.5xT 2.5xXP 3xBreeding - 2.5xT 2.5xXP 3xBreeding - for those asking
  2. jesswoods

    pve Chill PVE Server looking for more!

    Discord Chat info : https://discord.gg/4pZRSXb sorry for mistake, this is proper discord link
  3. Welcome to our new server Cluster! The objective we are working to achieve with this server cluster is to have a playstyle that feels as close to vanilla , Official, as possible but without alot of the headaches in that environment. This server will be closely maintained and operated by very active and experienced admins, any bugs you may encounter will be researched and fixed as soon as possible. This server will not dino cap, or platform cap, and we hope that over time a very close community will grow and continue to play together for a long time to come. This server was created as a place to unwind, not to rage like your official server. Think of this more as a community , a place to chat, play, test things, or just as an escape when your frustrated with official. What to expect from this server- - You will not level at a greatly accelerated rate like on some other servers ( xp =2.5) -You will not insta tame every dino on the map or ko them with a single shot like in some youtuber video's (Taming is set to 2.5, this is much faster than official and was done because lets face it we all have lives that also require our attention so we sometimes do need to do other things, however we did not want to make things so fast that you would be robbed of that feeling when a great perfect tame completes) -You will not gather all the resources you’ll ever need in a single gather session (Gather rate is set to 3x , which is the same as on the evolution weekends on official) -All the best spots will not be pillared, pillar blanketing is strictly prohibited. -Loot crates will be worth getting, all contents of all loot crates have been reconfigured to make hunting them very much worth it... no more crop plots and water jars. -Breeding times, incubation times, and mature times have been accelerated, yes, it’ll still be tough, but not nearly as tough as it is on official, in some cases the official breeding times are just unrealistic. -The maps include Ragnarok, Aberration, and Crystal Isles! -No Wipes! In the end, we just hope that everyone has fun, and builds amazing breath taking bases and creates mutants that may very well have always completely out of reach in the official dino capped environment. Discord Chat info : https://discord.gg/WmJga http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=860443009
  4. Please add naturalism mod to this ark server for movie > then I will watch