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  1. I know that but I play windows 10 so I have to obide to Xbox rules thus requiring the checkbox and by server I'm talking about when you host a non-dedicated server not nitrado
  2. Allow learning all Engrams server option I just think that sometimes not everyone wants to use cheats or spend 3 hours cheating every map to learn engrams specific to other maps there are a few engrams that I would love to have on genesis like the climbing pick for the ocean biome or the glider suit and the only way to get them is to have your premade survivor from aberration downloaded thus skipping the very fun leveling process I get that this stuff is content for paid for maps but it would really be awesome if people who paid for these maps could access these engrams on every map with the
  3. It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't crash my game when accessing the whistle wheel lol
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