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  1. You can stuff your own condescending tone. I've watched quite a few H.O.D. vids over the years. The guy is smug and arrogant both towards his opinion of the Devs, and players outside his fanboi clique, in the extreme. And his choice to rally a brigade of followers to attack Widlcard on his behalf it just the best example of it, now.
  2. @Jatheish Wildcard should've kept this arrogant turd-stain banned, he made his bed and deserves to sleep in it. But you bent knee to his brigading lackeys, and now he's just encouraged to rile them to brigade even harder. This kind of spineless crap in the face of an obviously fabricated "bad-PR" moment is what turns me off more than any other issues over the years. This self-important louse wasn't owed a thing other than the negative consequences he earned though his behavior and conduct.
  3. After the patch, my crew haven't really noticed any improvement in accuracy / hit registration for the Velos.
  4. Clearly they pay more attention to Reddit then their own forums. Can a redditor repost this there, perhaps?
  5. I doubt I'll ever buy 'Atlas' or anything else of theirs, again, if they continue as they have. I forgot I got the season pass or I wouldn't have even been on Extinction.
  6. My friends and I have been doing some more testing. Even under AI 'aimbot' these things can't hit targets reliably. We had four expend their stamina trying to kill a single corrupted Dimorph after they grounded it, once it was down they couldn't touch it anymore with the needles. Ironically they still melt big creatures by doing a Doom-Wiggle beneath them fairly well, which was the point of the change to their hit registration going off the patch notes.
  7. TeronGray

    Problem Rock Drake

    Is it an unofficial with Classic Flyers? Aber doesn't like custom/modded dinos.
  8. I just made a MEK on my home server, didn't think to test it in SP since the patch. Yeah, the sword feels terribly unreliable, too. This patch seems to have had zero QA testing, and we're still being treated like beta testers.
  9. Simple and frustratingly strait-forwards. After the patch to 'fix' the velonasaur 'Doom-Wiggle' needle spray hit detection being overly accurate under large dinos, now they are horribly inconsistent at hitting anything at all, with either 'ironsight' mode or the wiggle. I just stop seeing hit ticks in the middle of direct bursts on various targets, and draining full stamina on right-click can result in maybe a couple kills out of a mob pile-on in the desert cave or at an OSD. It's just shy of rendering the velo useless as a combat mount when only it's melee has reliable accuracy. At first I thought it might be a server issue on our end, but only the velo's needles are behaving in such a way. All other ranged attacks are fine. Not holding my breath that this is actually fixed, my Aberration bug reports are still unaddressed...
  10. They didn't need a nerf, they filled a good niche of being viable ranged counters against corrupted. I'll second that base damage feels weaker, but also, in my server, at least, Velo needle hit detection seems borked. I stop getting hit ticks despite still visually stitching the enemy. The Doom-Wiggle is even worse, I can burn all my stamina flailing and not kill a single thing now.
  11. I have a bias for griffins as well, though argy and theri also comes to mind for me. Really, though, I think it depends on the Ark you're on, as some things aren't available or lose practicality on certain Arks.
  12. They seem to want to harvest the corpses of what they kill, but can't move because of turret mode, and they'll keep staring at things they already killed for a while instead of quickly acquiring living targets. With a lot of bodies they helped create, the AI derps out hard.
  13. It's burrowed. It seems that if reapers are not in draw distance when they change from baby to juvenile, they become burrowed. Once it matures, you will see the burrowed rocks mesh and can issue an 'unbury' command to it.
  14. Immediately set myself back by just logging in. Was on Aberration, loaded in, somehow was under the map and in freefall to my death, loosing everything on me to the void. Exited, considered uninstalling. Bravo Wildcard.
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