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  1. Griffin Balance

    They really should, after this. Or even a saddle so they can be armored for those without CF. Not like the flyer-haters weren't just given a new map that has 0 flying mounts just like how they want the game to be. But, paraphrasing the "pros": 'Blah blah blah breedable will make them OP again, gitgud scrub blah blah blah.'
  2. Grappling Hooks not Working

    This is a pretty daft decision. Actually, it's just dumb. I planned to make the Aberration equipment too, and use it alongside grapples. More and more things come up with this map that are starting to make me regret buying it, which was already against my better judgement.
  3. Griffin Balance

    Might as well make them breedable now. Adorable peepy gryphlets are one of the only things that could lessen this travesty.
  4. Griffin Balance

    Fixed that for you. Bloody disgraceful update. This was Blizzard-level 'balancing' here. No small tweak, just completely destroy it. Hopefully the CF-mod will fix Wildcard's yielding to the lowest common denominator. Again.