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  1. I've been playing Genesis on a Mac since it came out and it's never been a complete succes with lot's of graphical errors (brightness, textures, and so non) but it's always been playable. I stopped playing for a while hoping they'd fixed it but on my return to the game I discover a completely empty map. No HLN-A or dino's in any of the biomes, no textures, no water... and when I look in my inventory every setting is 0 (time, day, temp, wind) regardless of time playing or biome. I've a iMac Pro so should easily be able to run it an other maps work fine but Genesis is a complete mess. Is
  2. Same here... using a iMac Pro and Mojave and Genesis is completely unplayable at the moment... it was always a bit buggy from the start with an unplayable lunar biome but at the moment even the Bog biome is a complete mess... it's gone from not 100% functional to not functional at all.
  3. nope... no solution yet. I reminded the devs about this a month and a half ago and still no reply... actually waiting on an answer from the devs since my first ticket created in feb.... linux/macos isn't really on their radar is suppose. the texture thing seems like a minor thing to fix but for me it's still the same as when Genesis was launched... missing a ground textures in several biomes, the ocean biome feels way to bright above water level (and no ocean texture) and the lunar biomes is just a white screen like you mentioned... and I'm running Ark on a iMac Pro so I'm well above the requ
  4. Bump.. are others still having this issue because I sure am... high brightness in Ocean, completely white screen in the Lunar Biome... and some textures seem to be missing across the biomes. Still the same issues on my iMac Pro (2017) with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 as when Genesis was launched.
  5. it's the same on MacOS Mojave... white screen at lunar biome and missing textures in other biomes .... it's like this since the launch of genesis... but apparently not enough of a problem to be fixed.
  6. very bright sky in Ocean and Lunar biome (Mac/Mojave) The brightness in the Ocean biome is too high (above water) and in the Lunar biome it's even as extreme that I only see white. The other biomes seem fine except that I don't see the ground/rock textures and the ocean texture looks horrible as well.
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