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  1. There is also a thread in the general discussion about known console keyboard and mouse issues. Not goin to resolve your issue but may give you some idea of what is working and what isn't
  2. No, you are using the right keys, it's just that it doesn't work. I build with a controller and use M/K for most other things. You will also find, using a M/K setup, if you try to build in K mode that once you place the structure it will take you out of K mode. Unfortunately there is no way to change which keys do what on xbox either
  3. Pc versions of the game brought through steam do not allow cross play with xbox. Pc versions brought on a Windows 10 Pc through the Microsoft store allow cross play with xbox
  4. There is no way for a steam account to play with an xbox account. You would need to buy it on the Microsoft store on your PC then you could play together. Alternatively, I make my son's xbox my "home xbox" and use my xbox like normal. All games I purchase are automatically available for him to play, I do not have a Windows 10 PC to confirm but may be able to do something similar
  5. Just shoot your small tames with a grappling hook, get back on ur bird n fly away with the wild creature dangling underneath. You can pick up every creature u just mentioned and more. Yes PVE
  6. As in Shrek? Or actual donkeys?
  7. If you are playing on xbox you are already playing against people on Windows 10, which means me using a mouse n keyboard actually levels the playing field in my case
  8. I believe it's one of the missions for that Biome, not sure what you have to do with it, kill it I assume. Cannot answer whether it is tameable or not
  9. I do not believe that small tribes rates change, ever. You should still be able to get the coloured dinos and the skins/chibis/emotes from fishing. Fishing for stuff wasn't a thing last year. I believe you get the chocolates from fishing as well
  10. All EU servers went down for a while. Evo event and 2x breeding for 24hrs as compensation
  11. I have also had this happen to me more recently, also in pve, transitioning from a wall to a ceiling below. Inside my base, full health, water and food. Instakill as OP states, black screen instantly and no beam. I feel for OP, I only had my fur on me and not much else and was still not happy as I live in the murder snow and was decent fur, to lose tames and building mats would be much worse
  12. I still don't understand when you are addressing a worldwide community that you use the term "tomorrow". If it's 10am PST on Monday then it's 2am Tuesday morning in my time zone. If it's 10am PST on Tuesday then in my time zone it's 2am Wednesday morning. I am sure people in other time zones are also asking what exactly is 'tomorrow.'
  13. Hi, yes doing a hard dino wipe will get rid of every dino on the map. As to if your easter colours will come back, I'm fairly certain that nitrado allows for you to choose what event is running on your server. For example, you could be running Christmas event right now in July. I'm fairly certain, just not 100% on that. If you're in SP I don't really know as I thought SP mirrored the event of officials and Easter is long over on official
  14. May not solve your problem but you can still used fert eggs for kibble
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