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  1. I have also had this happen to me more recently, also in pve, transitioning from a wall to a ceiling below. Inside my base, full health, water and food. Instakill as OP states, black screen instantly and no beam. I feel for OP, I only had my fur on me and not much else and was still not happy as I live in the murder snow and was decent fur, to lose tames and building mats would be much worse
  2. I still don't understand when you are addressing a worldwide community that you use the term "tomorrow". If it's 10am PST on Monday then it's 2am Tuesday morning in my time zone. If it's 10am PST on Tuesday then in my time zone it's 2am Wednesday morning. I am sure people in other time zones are also asking what exactly is 'tomorrow.'
  3. Hi, yes doing a hard dino wipe will get rid of every dino on the map. As to if your easter colours will come back, I'm fairly certain that nitrado allows for you to choose what event is running on your server. For example, you could be running Christmas event right now in July. I'm fairly certain, just not 100% on that. If you're in SP I don't really know as I thought SP mirrored the event of officials and Easter is long over on official
  4. May not solve your problem but you can still used fert eggs for kibble
  5. Hold down select on the controller, button on the left of home button, and a wheel will come up with one of the options to toggle 3rd person mode. Select that to change views
  6. Summer in winter..... I prefer winter
  7. Anky, it's like riding around on top of a tank.
  8. You can get the Tapejara to follow you or your dinosaur into a trap by eating or making your dino eat rare flowers, you will have a red glowing cloud around you/dino when you eat one, longer run to trap will require more flowers. Be cautious as eating a rare flower will agro a lot of things to you that normally wouldn't agro, namely Pteras. You can look up spawn maps for creatures on the wiki website, doesn't work properly on the app, if you go to an area that states they spawn but are none there, kill everything and come back on 10 mins or so. Good luck
  9. Pretty sure they have been asking for years, hence the reason they are saying immediately as of now
  10. HOD didn't get banned for his vid Mesh Monkeys, well that's my opinion. I believe he got banned for his vid 2 weeks ago where he reveals his hidden solo base spot. He got banned the same as GTjacked, an unintended building area.
  11. Why is it you think kibble is needed for a Ptera or Argy? Load Rag, spawn at highlands. Run around till your just on the southern side of the volcano lava flow to the ocean. Slap a foundation down with a mortar n pestal, dont need a bed, spawn point is that close. Doesn't take long to get a couple narcs together and a normal bow will do. Ovis within a small walking distance as well as Pteras. Saddle can be farmed from bugs in the volcano lava flow. Then just take your bird wherever you want to go. Definitely do-able in your alotted timeframe. I play official vanilla both pvp and pve have done this multiple times now
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