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  1. SpCowboy

    Shotgun damage cap?

    YUP, 298 is the top, i got a 300+ dmg simple pistol BP, it got clamped to 298 too but then it was clamped again to 290, I am still wondering why was double capped. Even if you make a shot gun from that BP with crafting bonus, any dmg point you get xtra, will be removed on every server update or when u transfer it. CONGRATS FOR THAT LOOT!
  2. SpCowboy

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Sound cold, but you are a customer that is leaving the store, they already took the money from you... They are investing the money into customer that will get into the store with the new DLC... with money in their hands... This send a message to them "we band anyone" doesnt matter who you are, look to Mr. Disrepect on PUBG, he got banned for friendly fire a random guy, Is free publicity, and there is nothing such a bad publicity, is Publicity... pariot.
  3. SpCowboy

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Because HE IS A VISSIBLE TARGET!!! this was planned to send a message to all the community, is more easy to pay 2 hrs of work to a GM than pay 1 month of coding to a Developer fixing the suface glitch.... Simple business vision little padawan.. business vision....
  4. SpCowboy

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    If you introduce a new item that break the game that way, is better remove it and work on it or just never brint it back, is causing more damage that benefits on PVP. Look at fornite and the shadow stones, those guy are really fast detecting things that harm the community, and they are a free to download game.
  5. There is a torpor bar on top of the HP bar, which dino are you trying to knock out?
  6. SpCowboy

    how to get tames in underwater caves

    Maybe u saw dinos that was breeded inside the cave, there is also a chance that some of the loot crates have the Creatures and Data tabs to upload dinos and items, in that case they will keep that drop as much as possible to upload and download dinos as a regular drop/obelisk until they get the teleporter or transmitter engram.
  7. One safe way is craft on surface charge nodes, None a single batt has been taken from there since i placed mines.
  8. SpCowboy

    Global ban

    A life cycle is logical, can be something tied to the healing speed, that older dinos takes more time to heal or they can also lost its melee damage gradually, is logic that older thing becomes weaker. At some point you will be forced to just discard it or replace for a new one. Ethernal dinos should exist only for single player, not for official servers.
  9. SpCowboy

    Global ban

    There is something that rixsta said that makes sence to me, why the game let you place 500 rafts? why not just make them count as 40 dinos? only players on early stage use the rafts, so no problem for them, I will say this again and again ... Include to dinos a cycle of life, the tames cannot lives forever, that will make people think twice before they hatch more dinos than they really need, is like open one can of beer or soda to sip only once... this way the dino population will be reduced drastically...
  10. SpCowboy

    New creature!: Irritator

    A very good feature from barys that most of the players doesnt know or use, is the ability to regen HP killing fishes, that give a big advantage, over carnos when u compare them, I use barys for swamp cave, and afther every run, i just go into the hidden lake to kill some fishes and is ready for the next run.
  11. Welcome to Ark and enjoy the salt...
  12. SpCowboy

    Stone Structure Blueprints, do they exist ?

    They just doesnt exist, is something that every player have asked for and non a single word from devs since July 2015, when Stone tiers was included into the game. Seem they are always busy doing something else, leaving behind basic details like this, make the game looks like is not fully released yet.
  13. SpCowboy

    Can't open Single Player anymore

    oh you are in mobile, sorry...
  14. SpCowboy

    Manticore Is Still Problematic

    I did this way last time and got the element from the death manticore body... maybe was too high?
  15. SpCowboy

    Easiest creature to solo raise?

    Actually the more easy one are Reaper Kings, basically dont have to hand feed them, just refill 4 feeding trough every 8 to 10 hrs and make imprints at the same time. Another usefull tip is to use a kangaroo, will help you to reduce the ammount of hand feeding required, since it reduce the food consumption on medium and small baby dinos.