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  1. SpCowboy

    Servers Used as Dino Storage

    It is comming on the next DLC, https://ark.gamepedia.com/Cryopod_(Extinction) and more info here also https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-extinction/
  2. SpCowboy

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Only in this game, the free DLCs will have better game xperience than those we payed for, bigger maps, more resources, max lvl dinos and now people ask for more element... whats next?
  3. SpCowboy

    SE Spoilage changes

    Never understood why SE have to compete with other maps? It is just another step in the ladder to ending DLC, it was created as a hardcore enviroment to prepare players for Aberration, with no flyers at all and the radiation areas, and such of things... IMO the devs messed everithing when they opened the map to no native species, like quetzals, etc... And also when they let the Ragnarok creators to introduce SE content for free that many people payed for it before, I "guess" was only to give them time to finish aberration and refresh the game to sell more copies with a few investment. What we really need on SE is the ascention fight with the manticore or with a new boss arena, that will make people buy the DLC, to get xtra 15 lvls, that worth more for PVP and PVE comunity, dino sloths will be solved soon with the dino cubes, as Pixark did, will balance the game since tribes will be limited into a number of active dinos at the same time and will improve the server performance, with out all those 495 statues parked on bases, doing nothing more than consuming hardware capacity.
  4. SpCowboy

    I need these! *Stone blueprints*

    Looks like It is something that is not on their priority list ATM, stone Bp's is something that every Ark Player always ask for at somepoint, it is time consuming when u are crafting masive ammounts, it takes more time crafting than farming the mats, and is worst when u are a solo player. Maybe devs think it is something with not importance, but hey! stone in PVE is the most used structure, It is 3 years already since launch, when you will pay attention to those small BUT BASIC details of the game? #addstoneblueprints @Jen @Jatheish @Chris
  5. SpCowboy

    clone phoenix

    Good to know that someone tested. Many people likes to spread rumors 🙂
  6. SpCowboy

    clone phoenix

    Cant confirm if the cost is increased after you lvl up the dino or not, but is a quick test on SP, I guess you need run the test before and afther with a lvl 1 tammed.
  7. SpCowboy

    clone phoenix

    Lagnarok, impossible on SE, Storms still affect tek generators.
  8. SpCowboy

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    Maybe a complex network of ziplines with motor pants + cactus broths XD, at least sound funny.
  9. SpCowboy

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    I rised theris inside the cave, they are helpful, since doesnt agro purlovias/direwolves, and heal fast with veggie cakes. I am not 100% sure, but looks like the lootcrates gives only garbage if a tame is on the vecinity, thats the cons, but not 100% confirmed. The lazy solution as many other challenges on this game is lagnarok, You only have to break two rocks literally and is a free DLC.
  10. I was talking about those "Endless Breeder" they keep trying, for their own reasons, to get higher HP and Melee or "cool" colors, all as a personal projects, and this "game mode" is like the icebergs, we see less than 10% of those breeders on forums, because the other 90% doesnt publish or sales their stats, because someone else is one mutation higher than them, but they keep mating their dinos, trying to take the pole of the race in the future. Maybe devs need add a timer to tammed dinos and make them vanish at its end, the timer will increase, just like torpidity does, higher lvls will stay more time on the tribe.
  11. SpCowboy

    Griefers that come from other servers

    You may need to know about www.battlemetrics.com too. XD
  12. SpCowboy

    Building Advice Needed

    Yeah, I know him, he have good ideas too, but most of them need mods.
  13. SpCowboy

    Building Advice Needed

    PVP have also some yourtubers, this advice request came mainlly from PVE community, since PVP is very hermetic and they want to keep their findings for them self, but Captain Fat Dog have some recently "floating tips" that can help you to keep a turret tower for a little longer from those bombing paracers for example. For basic PVP builds i will recommend this video with the top 5 bases and some good tips and tricks, more than a design, PVP is also 50% location and 50% design : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbnsMUzLwg4 https://www.youtube.com/user/xONEWINGx/featured AND of course one of the best solo and accasional PVP players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2_fC7q-OFo&list=PL_h3NNpN3Cb82LDkWDGn7claga95v8mJX
  14. PvE Specific Griefing Additional rule Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames and/or rafts OK, seems a fair new rule, for those "Sloth Trolls" (For Example: Go Ragnarok 42 PVE, spawn on Highlands N and you will see the best example for this kind of people, more than 100 dodos on a cage, tribe name is Maja Cool...something) But how you will apply this to "Breeders" that have literally hundreds of females to get more chances of mutations? It is not a kind of trolling too? they just want to achieve kind of notority on forums with their colors and stats, but keep servers on their limits, and there are even some "Smarts" that also have alt accounts as ally tribes to store more dinos on their bases, because they all eat from the same troughs, on ly need log 10 secs to reset timer... Those eternal breeders are also limiting new players on some kind of way, dont you think?
  15. SpCowboy

    Building Advice Needed

    there are many tips and tricks, i will suggest this three people: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo1c5TzisTwD88iqrx8VfHw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRRD8oOcOj0mAV-pKk4UpXw https://www.youtube.com/user/hinteregions They are available on discord for questions --https://discord.gg/QD4jp7z