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  1. My understanding and recollection is that it was an old ue4 that they modified so much that they couldn't update to later versions. And.. that version or the way they used it wasn't suitable for more than two cores. The third core utilisation is probably the OS and other background tasks. I think early fortnite versions where similar. Hopefully ark2 will fix those issues.
  2. A was breeding ferox but then it stopped working. The mating goes through to 100% and then it disappears and goes to the mating interval timer. The addiction is still around 98%. It's not a UI glitch since no baby turns up 10 hrs later. I tried different males, I tried taking the female to another server and back. No change. Anyway at 30 odd element a try I gave up.
  3. Two things. It lets you buy extra engram points without leveling up. That is the whole point. i.e at 105 you have 3494. But I have bought an extra 540 without any extra leveling.\ 2nd it still lets you purchase them beyond what ever limit exists for your level (if that's actually the case) without any warning that they won't be added. It needs to say something, "Points added but not usable until you gain levels" or something. And that is still a bug. It could be a new server setting they haven't told us about.
  4. All I spend is points on buying engrams. My character is LV 105 and under engrams it says points available 2 (3494+540). When I buy more it takes the hexagons but gives no more engrams.
  5. The wiki says "Federation Crop Plots help Plants grow quicker without the need of sunlight". Yet it's impossible to get any greenhouse effect inside a greenhouse except if they are in sunlight. Did you mean if they are in sunlight then the built in light boosts the greenhouse effect from 300% to 500% but does nothing (not even the difference of 200%) when out of the sun. If so please say somewhere in the tool tip. I've destroyed 48 Tek crop plots trying to get a greenhouse effect.
  6. The 1500+ blood packs to tame a 150 BloodStalker takes ages to make. That's just to get one Blood stalker. Given they grab you and take blood packs to tame it makes sense that you should be able to use a tamed BloodStalker to suck blood out of creatures to harvest Blood packs. Ie after you have tamed one you have the means to tame more of them. Blood packs seem pretty useless in the game otherwise since med brews do a much better job of healing. I tamed a low level BloodStalker as a test and didn't bother sacrificing many tames to up the taming efficiency. It took one tame so I thoug
  7. You have to stay close to the strider. Within the red circle which moves with it.
  8. On unoffical you can transfer the tek suit to another map and.... it doesn't work unless you have the engrams. I only have the boot and gauntlets and its really cool to be able to use the other pieces on Gen2 if only to experience how they work.
  9. I'd be interested in % that achieved Tek. Steam achievement stats say only 10% have beaten the monkey boss and I'm guessing overall it's not much more than that. 15%?
  10. This nest is broken and I've never seen an egg on it. This nest never seems to de-spawn either. I wish you could destroy nests. The only way to get rid of it is to admin killallwilddinos. All the other nest location can spawn eggs and after a few are taken from it the nest de-spawns to be replaced with a nest elsewhere. I've never found an egg that has fallen through the map. I'm guessing this might happen on servers with performance problems? (i.e. low server fps). I think that the nest are connected to the crystal wyvern heirs that are up. So if a nest stays empty after de-rendering, waiti
  11. try 30.8 13.4 where where is green lit up plants. Metal, Oil and pearls. Metal,Stone and Oil farm just fine with the dunkleosteus except some coral looking large rocks. With a high level Anglerfish you get plenty of pearls (official rates) I'm not aware of any under water Obsidian anywhere on the map.
  12. How to remember without your GPS. Go to red obelisk then head straight to the blue obelisk you will pass the volcano on your right. Just past the volcano there is a Plateau with a river and a water fall. Follow the edge of the Plateau a short distance until there is a ridge going down to the left. follow down the centre peak of the ridge. At the bottom, straight ahead and slightly to the right will be a large red crystal. When you pass it bear 60 degrees left and proceed to a ledge going down to water. The sulfur is in this spot.
  13. When I'm on a araneo its movement feels so limited. So I think Spiderman like grapping and being able to climb steeper inclines (eg whatever a rex could climb). It's web attack is ok'ish but its normal attack needs to do a lot more torpor. They need to really boost this on Pulmonoscorpius as well. I mean like a lot. A high level araneo should be able to knock out a mid level rex.
  14. Please fix invisible rock drake and wyvern eggs and eggs not de-spawning/re-spawning when they spoil.
  15. Please fix rock drake and wyvern eggs not being visible in nests.
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