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  1. Maybe its becaus I am on The Center map. DinoSpawnEntriesMonsterIsland_C is the Half-Burnt-Island, because before I added a Vulture spawner, which worked. I don't have another container for this spawn, the line is also the first one in the ini. Did some testing and it looks like the FE dinos are map restricted. I can use the "summon " command for all the dinos which would also spawn on The Island (Rex, Trike, Bronto, Carno, Raptor,...) but I cannot summon the Wyvern. On the other hand I can summon Zombie-Wyvern on SE but no Bone Rex. Here is my theroy: The Bone Dinos have been added to the alpha spawns (at least the aggressive ones), which would spawn those dinos on most of the other maps as well if they use the same spawnes, including SE. For the bone dinos to not spawn on SE (or other maps) there was a restiction added, resticting the Bone Dino spawns to The Island (except the Bone Wyvern). And I think if the "summon" command for a dino does not work, spawns will also not Thanks for the help @stoni and @norman! For all those who want to add spawns on the center, here the small list of The Island spawns which I have tested and work on The Center:
  2. I tried: cheat spawndino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Rex/Bone_MegaRex_Character_BP.Bone_MegaRex_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 125 -> does work summon Bone_MegaRex_Character_BP_C -> does not work Thanks, I added those before my wipe, but no Bone Rex (or Moth) spawns My spawn container looks the same as you corrected, except the weight, which is that high to see the result faster Adding the costumes to beacons is a good idea, thanks! There is a new Patch Note for that fix, ETA 6.Nov
  3. @Norman, I added BoneRex to the monster island spawner and killed all the dinos there, but no bone rex spawned. Here my ini: There should be a 50% chance to spawn 10% BoneRex. (Haven't checked the other spawns, but Jerboa worked the other day) Edit: did a wild dino wipe and the Jerboa and Thorny Dragon spawns work, Bone Rex and Moth not.
  4. Thank you @stoni2041 for the detailed discription, helped very much in setting up spawnes on my server! I was a little confused because Jeremy used very high numbers as EntryWeight, which somehow reduced the amount of dinos spawned per modified spawner. Numbers from 0.01 to 1 solved this problem (spawned in about 15k more dinos after change). @Norman, I also tried to spawn the Bone Dinos (The Center Map) but it does not work using these inis. Maybe it is because the summon commands for those do not work. It is unfortunate that only the island can have those dinos auto spawning
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