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  1. Persistent Connection Issue Lately, I've been tormented by the most frustrating, stubborn connection errors that have made the game unplayable. A few months back, I suddenly started getting disconnected from any server I would play on. I could only ever stay connected for 5-10 minutes, before the game locked up for 20-30 seconds, then kicked me from the server. When my game "locked up," its as if my connection had been completely lost, but I was still in game. I would be unable to interact with anything, and my ping would freeze up and stop fluctuating like normal. I would be disconnected shortly after, every single time. I began troubleshooting everything I could think of. I hard reset my Xbox. I rebooted my modem and router. I logged into my router, and adjusted any settings I thought might be related. It didn't matter whether i was connected using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Always the same issue. Eventually, I got so fed up, i uninstalled Ark from my console. For the past 2 months or so, I hadn't touched the game, until just the other day. After installing Ark once again and loading into a server, I soon found that I was having the very same issue. I've done all I could think of, so now I'm posting here for help. TL;DR: I can't play on any server for longer than 5-10 minutes, before the game locks up and disconnects me. Endless troubleshooting has proven pointless. Any help is appreciated. Edit: I should note that I tried running speed tests on my internet as I was getting disconnected. No sign of any network issues whatsoever. Ark is the only game I've had problems with as well.
  2. So I've done a little searching around, and haven't seen anything on this, so I figured I'd bring it up. The last two drops I've defended (purple, red) have not given me the option to eject the loot. We tried ejecting the loot from the purple drop (before latest update) at the beginning of wave 5, the end of wave 5, and the end of wave 6. Each time there was no prompt to eject loot. Just now, after successfully defending a red OSD, the same thing happened. Tried from every angle, jumped, crouched, even landed on top and tried from above. No luck. Is this a known bug? If so, any solutions?
  3. Long story short, I'm a seasoned Ark player on Xbox One, and am looking for something new and different. After 5200+ hours of game time, the base game has become rather stale. While I am aware my question is very much dependent on personal opinion, I'd like to know the general concensus on Primitive Plus. Its very important to me that the game mode is relatively polished, and gives a sense of progression. That said, I have a few questions about the mode. What maps are ideal for Prim+? Any recommendations for server settings and whatnot? And is there anything I should know going into Primitive Plus, knowing nearly nothing about it? Thanks in advance for any opinions or suggestions.
  4. I did some research, and came across an article that claimed connecting an SSD card to your Xbox can improve load times and performance? Is there any truth to that? The article is rather dated, but was said to be tested on the original Xbox One.
  5. Believe it or not, I very rarely disconnect when loading in my base. I can teleport to and from my base with very few problems. The main issues I have are poorly loaded textures (at least 50% of the time) and seemingly completely random crashes. I crash very frequently around Viking Bay, and periodically whenever I'm on Extinction. I know Viking Bay crashes are a known problem, but anyone I talk to with a One X has no issues, unsurprisingly. Same goes for Extinction. I've found that rebooting Ark will prevent Extinction crashes for a time, though only for a short period. Almost seems as though its on a timer, as there is no warning or trigger to these crashes. I could even handle a crash here and there if it weren't for tame, structure, and landscape textures going out of whack constantly. If I could improve this in any way, it would make a world of a difference.
  6. I had completely forgotten you could disable tame names until your post. I have a large base with many tames, and noticed a noticeable frame rate increase immediately after turning off names. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Before I ask my question, I must note that I know little to nothing about the topic at hand. I'm posting this for my own and others' information. Please use facts and evidence if you choose to comment. Anyway, onto the actual topic. My question is simply, is there any way to increase performance for Ark on Xbox? Specifically the original Xbox One. Like many others, I deal with frequent crashes, disconnects, and textures that won't load in properly. I am aware that some of these issues are due to the Xbox One's inferior processing power, compared to the One S and One X. Is there anything one could buy or do to help the Xbox run the game more effectively? Or are us OG Xbone players SoL? Thanks in advance.
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