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  1. DarkerParker

    Dedicated Server Settings Change

    I completely uninstalled the game from the Xbox re-installed and that seems ( So far) to have fixed the issue with the wipe on Boot issue for the rag map. Will update if the issue occurs again.
  2. DarkerParker

    Dedicated Server Settings Change

    It appears that the settings may not be the problem afterall, the ragnarok map wipes evry time it is rebooted all dinos, items and structures are cleared bit players remain at the same level
  3. So interesting choice with latest update makes it Extremely easy to highlight the map you want to load and the clear all buildings/dinos button first time this occurs thought it was some corruption of the save now see this was due to the easy selecting of clear all. Cant this be a checkbox? Or at least a "are you sure you want to clear all dinos and structures." Prompt before accepting and launching.
  4. DarkerParker

    Player dedicated server keeps crashing after update

    Yup crashing repeatedly, not sure if cutom settings changes are causing the drop. Also after 3 attempts and moving some sliders above 0.0 got it up.
  5. Same issue occurred for us on our PVE dedicated player hosted server after the update.