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  1. Dedicated Server Settings Change

    I completely uninstalled the game from the Xbox re-installed and that seems ( So far) to have fixed the issue with the wipe on Boot issue for the rag map. Will update if the issue occurs again.
  2. Dedicated Server Settings Change

    It appears that the settings may not be the problem afterall, the ragnarok map wipes evry time it is rebooted all dinos, items and structures are cleared bit players remain at the same level
  3. So interesting choice with latest update makes it Extremely easy to highlight the map you want to load and the clear all buildings/dinos button first time this occurs thought it was some corruption of the save now see this was due to the easy selecting of clear all. Cant this be a checkbox? Or at least a "are you sure you want to clear all dinos and structures." Prompt before accepting and launching.
  4. Player dedicated server keeps crashing after update

    Yup crashing repeatedly, not sure if cutom settings changes are causing the drop. Also after 3 attempts and moving some sliders above 0.0 got it up.
  5. Same issue occurred for us on our PVE dedicated player hosted server after the update.
  6. Poison and Lightning eggs not spawning

    Eat all eggs you don't want do not drop them as they must then spoil on their own and prevent further eggs from being created. If your able you can kite some of the fires to prepared cages to kill them off.
  7. Dinos Lost after leaving own tribe

    Unfortunately that is expected. You had your tribe set to tribe owned dinos, instead of member owned tribe ridden. When the tribe is dissolved their property stays owned by them even if it no longer has members. I would advise building a box around those dinos if possible to protect them from being claimed by others then you can claim when the timer runs out.
  8. Above the Barrier

    Try knocking him unconscious with darts or arrows. This has been reported to work in the past for birds that have been stuck above the bubble.
  9. Large crop plots under ledges not wirking

    Yup, crop plots need full access to the sky to receive rain and sun for greenhouse effect. You can water them by hand or run a piping to them if they must be under the ledge. Yup, crop plots need unobstructed access to the sy right above them to collect water and receive the greenhouse effect from greenhouse panes. You would need to water by hand or via pipes.
  10. Juvinile Wyverns Vanish

    So it appears if you disable wandering for wyverns they slowly grow into the ground Then if you leave while they are in this state they will be removed or drop through the world. Simple solution is to put them in a fenced in area and allow wander but dev members might want to look at the "sinking" behavior of these larger dinos.
  11. Wild allosaurus hits though base bug

    Yup I've always built a foundation wall basically a 1X1 wall around dino enclosures to keep this from happening. or position them farther away from walls. Spike walls also work great. You've got options.
  12. Xboxone won't update ark

    Yup mine updated after I updated the Xbox
  13. Juvinile Wyverns Vanish

    I host a dedicated server for myself and friends running scorched earth, With maxed baby mature rate and lowest possible baby food consumption. We had finally gained a reasonably fast fly mount and decided to try for some wyvern eggs. We succeeded in nabbing 3 of them and went to work hatching them, Once hatched we walked them outside a good distance from each other and got them through the baby stage into juvenile. Then logged out. The next day we came on with no wyverns to be seen. Nothing in the death log. So we went out again and got a couple more eggs and hatched a level 4 poison wyvern to test. Moved it well away from any other dinos with plenty of space to grow. Again got it to juvenile stage about 1/4th of the way of the maturation cycle slapped on a tracker then called it a night and logged in around 7 hours later in the morning. Same thing missing wyvern and no death message and tracker signal nowhere to be found. So 2 possibilities as I see it. 1. The wyvern starved but we were not provided a death message. 2. The wyverns are falling through the map somehow. We are located on 61 X 62 on the shelf above the small bit of water there. Its relatively flat but I'll try the alternate base up north to see if they are falling through the ground.
  14. Unplayable

    May be frustrating but I wouldn't say your particular experience is usual by any means. I've hosted a dedicated server for months with an average 5-7 folks logged in. The server rarely if ever crashes. Best advice would be to try powercycling the server machine, (completely removing the power cable and letting the unit sit unpowered for 5 - 10 seconds) then reboot the game. Failing that, Its possible the original game was corrupted in some way try a full deletion of the game and re-install. Best of luck
  15. Full tribe kicked/ support won't respond.

    Sounds like you left the server with an active tribe member which was promoted to leader after the other leader left, he changed the tribe name then decided to leave or merge with another tribe which kicked the old members.