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  1. At this point, What would ANY of them bring? But this one? Should be more powerful than a rex, but not as much as the Giga. And apparently These guys were great at sneaking around. I don't think we have a dino in ark that can 'sneak' at all. *edit* They could also jump. I'd like to see the giga or rex do that!
  2. This fella predates the Rex by about 12 million years, and was discovered in 2010 in Calgary, in Canada! LOVE reading about them. Part of their name literally means "Reaper of Death". Would LOVE to be terrorizing the Arks riding one of these babies!
  3. So I have a cluster with the mod version of Crystal Isles. Is there a way to KEEP the mod version? How do I keep the DLC version from overwriting the mod when I update?
  4. Ok will this event work on a mod map as well? Cause I'm not seeing anything on Amissa yet for sure.
  5. But you're missing the whole point of hod's video!!!! It was to let wildcard know that the problem STILL exists, show you how its being done and call you out for knowing about it for a year and not fixing it!!! Oh wait.. that is the real reason you banned him isn't it? He not only called you out for not fixing a serious problem but showed everyone just how big the problem is, and now you're embarrassed. Shame on you wildcard. You people really need to pull your heads out of your asses and fix your poop. Then you wouldn't have to worry about it. Everyone knows already how unde
  6. Ok so.... tamed aberrant dire bears, uploaded them, and now they are stuck in the cloud. can't download them on any map. (Unofficial cluster). And I'm not the only one on the cluster having this issue... HELP.
  7. So is it true that only official servers get the halloween event? that unofficials won't get it?
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