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  1. Love how Xbox releases at end of day. Not going to be surprised if they delay it and pretend it’s a big unforeseen let down. Well here’s to the end of day download right before bed. Good luck y’all.
  2. It would be nice to see Console Dedicated Servers have the same quality of life server settings. Idk about you guys but I’d play the game a lot more if I could have the setting that lets you pick up placed objects indefinitely. Seems you can only do that if you buy a server. If that changes Ark might become the default game in my friends circle again, and not just during new content drop.
  3. Well Joe didn’t have to just read a rant about pillars because one line of text was quoted. The fact you mention writing all that over one line is fact you realize how irritating it was going to be for the one you quoted. I read it all including the skip long post bit. Just stop it.. Took three swings of the thumb just to get past your post..
  4. Cool news. Someone’s coming to dinner got that. This would have been more intriguing if I wasn’t already enthralled by Valguero’s new Xbox save features. I’ve always been down for pillar free map but my oh my the clean up work a server restart will do for yah. So looking forward to the new mystery to solve. Hoping it’s the one where the gang finds out who stole the bug fix, maybe it’s the new visitor everyone’s talking about? Let us wait... and see.. cheat gfi XboxValguero_server_savefix 1 1 1 (I’ll make it myself, I’m keeping the blueprint..)
  5. So Xbox dedicated servers are not saving structures or tames after a restart of the game. That was a fun hour wasted. Can’t seem to get my friends to join ether, but with the server not saving what’s the point?
  6. StructurePickupHoldDuration Where is this for Xbox users in server settings? I would really hope that you would make that configuration an option for Xbox hosted servers as well. The current patch has no option for this and I’ve been hoping this was just over site, but the way things are written in patch notes really got my hopes up this would be a thing for my home server. @Jen Would it be possible to get any word on this?
  7. Added ServerSettings ini config option StructurePickupHoldDuration to allow unofficials to configure (or disable by setting to 0) the quick-pickup hold duration Where is this for Xbox users. Been waiting months for this option alone! I’m going through the settings and I’m not finding it anywhere. @Jen @Jatheish This is the first time about 2 years I’ve logged on just to post, haven’t been on since the Halloween patch that didn’t come. Wondering if this setting will be the same? Ps. Double checked the server settings, it’s a no show option. Going back to DST.
  8. Hey I get my pumpkins my vampires and werewolves I'm happy. Mainly the last two being that they were promised to show this time around.
  9. So we get to see pictures of Fear Evolved content and mention of the dev team traveling off somewhere with no clue if there is going to be any of the promised content from last year. Seriously WC just give a release date for the DLC if your going to leave us high and dry this year with the Fear Evolved. And I honestly expected better of WC, but to see the crew flying off the 20th with no word on the event or release date just ticks me off. Feels just like the big F U from last year. Thanks WC your the best! (At lowering our expectations!)
  10. Log on feed dinos, check patch notes, log off. Well that was a productive day... I'll just play in the water then, come here my sexy Subnautica.
  11. Omg omg omg put it back, if you have a heart put it back the way it was or at least make this flier nerf server optional because this is killing me smalls. I've lost all joy for this game in one patch blow and I was so excited for underwater building but you just killed all love I had for the avian class of dinos, and there was a lot of love for those sill birds of mine. I don't even want to play in the water now that I know I can't take to the air. And flying convoy with my friends has now died. I'm truely saddened by your aggressive attack on the avian class players. Now take your underwater base coolness that I was so looking forward too and shove it where the sun don't shine. Because this flier nerf was nothing more then a big middle finger in the face of every quetzal base loving zippy argent flying survivor in this community, pvp or pve this was to much to force on players. I now hate flying, and it was my favorite part of the game. Truely thank you WC for recreating the feelings we had when you took the fear outta fear evolved 2. *cough vamps* *cough werewolves cough*
  12. They are discounting it to get new players on for better reviews I bet. Watch the negative steam reviews fly, and right after they got outta the red too.
  13. I've been excited all week to try out the new vampire and werewolf stuff on my server, its has had me building in a cave for the first time, prepping for avoiding sunlight and what not. Have a few people on my server excited for an undead vs living war. Not this year I guess.. Saving it for another event. Thats raptored up and bull poop btw... to drag out that its going to be in the patch notes and not even update the notes to let people know your just full of poop and wanted to get a bunch of players hopes up. This is finally giving me reason to shut down my server and move on to something else.. I feel like I've just wasted a week waiting for WC to change its dirty diaper. Let the mass of people know they aren't getting poop for Halloween... oh a destructive boss... woop te do, had that last year, oh skeleton skins... also last year, but there is new skins i guess... you have spent months prepping for a event thats freakishly short in comparison to how much you delayed it. And to top it off the very end of the month you start the event, I honestly thought that Fear Evolved was going to end up starting on the 31st with all the delays. If I would have known WC would have delayed the vampires and werewolfs for a full year I wouldn't have held on this long... We have a guy that can make a functioning magic mod with 6 different skill trees in less time then it took WC to prep for this event. Well end of rant, thank you WC for making this years event just about as poorly executed as last years, with just a dash more of disappointment. Can't wait to see the poop show at Christmas.
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