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Schelmixi's Feedback

  1. Elaness left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly person, easy going and very fast trade :) would trade again every time :)

    Schelmixi was Trading

  2. Rubble left Positive feedback   

    You will not find a better Breeder/Trader so friendly and helpful

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  3. Sphere left Positive feedback   

    Traded 5k poly and 2k ingots for a base 202 golem. Very satisfied. This seller is trustworthy. :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  4. Ashelia left Positive feedback   

    Awesome dealer, the kitty is so cute

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  5. oug left Positive feedback   

    Very fast trade, A+++ trader, will trade with again

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  6. Lancelot left Positive feedback   

    Very fast trafe, delivered as promised. Would trade again.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  7. Tech2Logix left Positive feedback   

    Awesome, fast and trustworthy once again ^^

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  8. EXCAIBAR left Positive feedback   

    Cool goods and cool trader... Highly recommended!! :D

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  9. Drakkenn1707 left Positive feedback   

    Trade was fast and smooth, super super nice have done many trades with this trader and i look forward to doing more :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  10. GoodOmenz left Positive feedback   

    Another lovely trade.Thank you for reserving and see you again soon :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  11. Rubble left Positive feedback   

    Great Trade amazing dinos cant wait to trade again so smooth and easy

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  12. Aniken left Positive feedback   

    Good Trade! Would be happy to do it again sometime soon!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  13. Bellasaurus left Positive feedback   

    fast friendly and reliable

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  14. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome horse, ty a lot. Always a pleasure to trade with her, looking forward for more trades !!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  15. Dhalae left Positive feedback   

    Nice Trader! Would do biz with again!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  16. Xis left Positive feedback   

    Really good trade, very trustfuly trader :) Totally recommendable.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  17. fiddlemediddle left Positive feedback   

    Honest and patient trader!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  18. NyanRose left Positive feedback   

    took time to find when we were both online, but was easy to trade with otherwise and provided what was expected =)

    Schelmixi was Trading

  19. Sylvana left Positive feedback   

    Super fast trade got a beautyfull horse from her . Even helped me out with some breed tips <3 !

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  20. silverbullet1989 left Positive feedback   

    Very happy to come back and do another trade :) extremely understanding as well with bug in transfer.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  21. CRAK left Positive feedback   

    Highly recommended to satisfy your mutation addiction! give this player a plus!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  22. essential left Positive feedback   

    Nice Guy Rly Fast and friendly ^^

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  23. HugoDanilo left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trade and friendly seller, got 2 things that I wanted for a fair price. Thank You :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  24. Pilate72 left Positive feedback   

    Friendly and fair trader! Has some quality dinos. Hope to work with again. Thanks!

    Schelmixi was Trading

  25. kryddsTeR left Positive feedback for a topic   

    She has the best Thylas, always nice to trade with her =) anytime again

    Schelmixi was Trading

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