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Schelmixi's Feedback

  1. Weiss left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade, very friendly, got picked up on the beach. Would be happy to trade again :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  2. bananapotato left Positive feedback   

    Fast and smooth trade, pleasure doing bussiness with you :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  3. Massmerize left Positive feedback   

    wow... upvote number 118... erm... so... if you are reading this.... why dafuq would you even care... i mean come on... do you expect something else than pure awesomeness? no... perfect trader... deal with it. period.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  4. rexgutierrez left Positive feedback   

    Very very fast and nice to trade, I hope i can trade again. Nice !!!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  5. Bradley1928 left Positive feedback   

    Absolute sweetheart, lovely and enjoyable. Would happily trade again any day.

    Schelmixi was Trading

  6. Bambulaaa left Positive feedback   


    Schelmixi was The Seller

  7. LadyofHats left Positive feedback   

    nice like always

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  8. Valys left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, very understanding and easy to work with. Will trade again in the future for sure!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  9. silverbullet1989 left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure to trade with Schelmixi

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  10. subysti13 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Awesome trader... Very fast and super friendly comes highly recommended. Wish all deals went this fast. Will trade with again!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  11. Oli4 left Positive feedback   

    Trade went very smooth! :) Would love to make more trades with Schelmixi in the future ^^

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  12. Hoaxi left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trader as always. Was nice enough to come to my server as well to trade! 10/10

    Schelmixi was Trading

  13. Michaud left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [US]Wolves PVE [extinction core] [S+]
    Wonderful to trade with great breed great prices and a wonderful person

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  14. Barradismo left Positive feedback   

    Super friendly and nice trader, fair and fast! Loved to trade with!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  15. subysti13 left Positive feedback   

    Highly recommendable.... dino was received as posted. trade went very smoothly will definitely trade with again.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  16. A6ACF left Positive feedback   

    Nice and easy trade, no complications, looking forward to future trades.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  17. Skullivan left Positive feedback   

    Awesome yet again, very happy with everything, 10/10 as always

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  18. oug left Positive feedback   

    Words can't praise this trader enough, will use again A1+++++ (even loaned me a Dino to help moving the ingots)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  19. sunangel1996 left Positive feedback   

    Fast , friendly , would recommend and will trade again :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  20. Acalt left Positive feedback   

    Good trader. Really happy with the spare time she gave me to reach the amount of materials needed for the trades. Will be posting more after Rex eggs are hatched

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  21. Cassie left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross-ARK Item Trading and Breeding
    She is amazing keeps getting more and more beautiful colour mutations. She's one of the first links i click on to delve and see what she has on a daily!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  22. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    One more awsome trade, thank you very much :) we wil meet again!

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  23. xseline left Positive feedback   

    Good service, successfully bought a beautiful thyla from her :) delivered within 24 hours.

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  24. FlameWinder left Positive feedback   

    Amazing trader, really helped about price :) Thanks for trade

    Schelmixi was The Seller

  25. titansnake left Positive feedback   

    Easy , Fast would trade again and probably will :)

    Schelmixi was The Seller

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