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  1. Hey everyone, was thinking of returning to Center a bit, been a while. One thing that bugged me out is the sun going through mountains, was a bit of immersion break. You know the godrays going through everything during sunset or sunrise. Is that still a thing?
  2. Hello, i am playing singleplayer and i had some problems doing Nodes or Drops. Waves would stuck with one or two enemies left nowhere to be found. I solved it with the cheat command destroywilddinos. I couldnt find this info easily so i am posting it here to maybe help a bit more.
  3. Bumping this, i have the same exact issue, post processing helps a bit but still. Any news on this? Fixes?
  4. How to increase Ark Items Slots Limit (Singleplayer) You go to Gameusersettings.ini under [ServerSettings] and you add: MaxTributeItems=500 or the number you want(not sure how high you can go).Now you can upload a lot more at once. I couldnt find it anywhere so i though i would post it here(i tried to find the post i learned this but couldnt). I am not sure where else it works, for me its in singleplayer . Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
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