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  1. Is this possible at all? My local PGM works well on Linux machine. Then I try to use my map on my dedicated Ubuntu server (with help of instructions on the Internet). But it crushes on every connection attempt. It catches signal 11 and outputs "Segmentation fault". The Island works totally fine on server. Is it supposed to work?
  2. v261 grey water surface

    According to screenshots water changed texture from previously solid gray to gray with dirty dark gray stains (which I experience today on my Linux PC). Progress indeed. Just resumed my server after longtime rest to capture some videos for YT, and got this gray water in the face. I don't know if my viewers will enjoy it... Also checked that caves are still unplayable. Too bad. Once it was fine for me (except for pitch black darkness sometimes).
  3. RCON Problems

    Just wrote my own node.js based RCON client, and yes, I can confirm that ARK's RCON does not have Unicode support (it literally sends "?" instead). Too bad. No Russian names in player list on my server's web-page.
  4. Proper way of doing backups

    Ok, there is what I've done. Works pretty well so far. now=$(date +'%Y%m%d_%H%M%S') dir=../../Saved chmod -R u-w $dir/SavedArks && { sleep 2 tar -zcvf $dir/backup/[email protected]$now.tar.gz $dir/SavedArks/ $dir/Config/ chmod -R u+w $dir/SavedArks } All directories in SavedArks have rwxr-xr-x permissions, while files have rw-------. So all we need to do is to remove 'w' flag from user permissions and restore it afterwards. I've made some test tries to copy files with no permission change and with 7 players online. Each time tar complained about file changes during operation process. After I cut write permissions files were successfully compressed. One strange thing happened though... during my experiments one of the players noticed that his Argentavis changed his gender from male to female and amount of max HP from 1000+ to 400. I doubt this events are related (and how possibly can it be related?), but still...
  5. Proper way of doing backups

    It's totally fine as a last resort. The problem is not about downtime duration, but it still may be annoying sometimes, when you've been caught unprepared, and 10 minutes warning countdown is not always enough to get to safety, you need to look forward to it. Too long countdown is also doesn't look like a good idea. Anyway it's always better to avoid restarts that can be avoided. So I'm still thinking about changing file permissions. Game itself should be fine while not having write permissions. As I initially started my server by wrong user (without write access), and only problem was a lost game data on server restart. FS should be fine as well on chmod while file is being modified. I've read that permissions only prevent file from being open, but while it is already open it can be modified regardless of permissions at the moment. So we need to recursively write-protect SavedArks directory and wait for couple of seconds before back up creation, in case if some of files are currently being modified. But a little bit scared of ruining everything if I'm missing something though...
  6. Proper way of doing backups

    Unfortunately, that's a remaining 1%. Some hours ago I started directory change tracker at SavedArks, and there is my research. World (TheIsland.ark) is being saved every 15 minutes, as AutoSavePeriodMinutes option dictates, but player files are not affected by this option. They are being saved on every log in and log out, death and some other events I'm not actually able to track (no game log records). There is a part of tracker log with my comments (censored Steam ID and tribe ID (just in case)): // Empty server [27.10.2016 15:00:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp [27.10.2016 15:15:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp [27.10.2016 15:30:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp [27.10.2016 15:45:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp [27.10.2016 16:00:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp // Player logged in [27.10.2016 16:05:26] [change] [censored].profilebak [27.10.2016 16:05:26] [change] [censored].tribebak // Player logged out [27.10.2016 16:11:35] [change] [censored].tmprofile [27.10.2016 16:11:35] [change] [censored].arkprofile // Player logged in and remains online [27.10.2016 16:15:36] [change] [censored].profilebak [27.10.2016 16:15:36] [change] [censored].tribebak [27.10.2016 16:15:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp [27.10.2016 16:30:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp // Player killed [27.10.2016 16:39:46] [change] [censored].arktribe [27.10.2016 16:39:56] [change] [censored].tmprofile [27.10.2016 16:39:56] [change] [censored].arkprofile [27.10.2016 16:43:24] [change] [censored].tmprofile [27.10.2016 16:43:24] [change] [censored].arkprofile [27.10.2016 16:45:36] [change] [censored].tmprofile [27.10.2016 16:45:36] [change] [censored].arkprofile [27.10.2016 16:45:41] [change] TheIsland.tmp So it is really unpredictable...
  7. Proper way of doing backups

    Rcon should be able to save world, according to command list: And there is also an option in .ini file that defines world save frequency (AutoSavePeriodMinutes). But does it mean that countdown reset on force save (in order to backup right after save)? And also, as far as I know, server saves data on player log off, so this is still not totally safe. I have a Minecraft server, and the game have three useful commands for this case: save-off (disable world autosave), save-all (save current world state), save-on (enable world autosave). Other possible and very simple solution that just appeared in my mind is to deny write access (chmod) to game files temporarily. But there is also two questions: 1. How FS behaves on permission change while file is currently accessed? 2. How ARK behaves when cannot access file to write to?
  8. Server status web?

    Max player server limit sounds pretty constant to me (not a universal, but for the certain server, of course). Anyway, to avoid hardcode we may simply read and unparse .ini file. It's a most simple and straight forward way after hardcoding.
  9. Server status web?

    I don't have this done yet, but also planned to do similar stuff. So my ideas: -max player - I guess it's static information, so just hardcode. -current players - can be gathered by RCON request I believe. -it's currently online/offline - I want to use node.js for web-server and spawn ARC server process. I hope there is a way to check if process is still up and running. Button "turn it on" may be implemented for visitors to start it, if server is down and I'am not accessible. Also statuses may include "update" (why not?). --maybe some settings from the .ini - first, why? Second, this data is not really changing a lot, so just hardcode as well.
  10. Proper way of doing backups

    I like the sound of it. But how? Is there an option to disable automatic server saves and do it manually (e.g. by cron)? Don't really like to use external tools, prefer writing my own ones as far as API and my knowledge (and also laziness) allows it.
  11. Hello! Let me apologize to begin with. I'm sure it was discussed many times, but I failed to find something useful. I believe, the way to backup game data is to copy '/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedArks' directory. But is it safe to do it while server is running? I'd like to run scheduled task to backup game data twice a day, and don't really like the idea of stopping server. Is there any configuration or command (or just tricky logic) to prevent server from saving data temporary? My ARK is on Linux server, if it matters. Thanks in advance!