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  1. Well....screw you too, Wildcard So I've been back in game for about two weeks after a two year absence. Found a good, quiet PVE server with rates I like. Gotten myself up to level 78 or so, and decided to finally move from my small starting base in the southeast to a permanent spot at the western peninsula since I finally got the metal outer wall built after 3 days of smelting. Get all the gear and items I wanna take with me loaded up onto my dinos, build a stone raft extension big enough to transport them all, about 10ish tames total of varying sizes/types. I start sailing, following the shoreline, and not five minutes into my journey I see a big fin right behind my raft. I think it's a Megalodon just poking his nose at me, until I see a giant head pop up and make a bite animation-ONE bite-and my raft explodes. I panic, since I've never seen or heard of this creature before, and prepare to lose literally everything-all my dinos, all my gear-since I also notice this creature has the red alpha glow. Miraculously, the giant thing just....swims away. Scope in on it, see it's something called a "Leedsichthys", note it for later, get my dinos on shore, and then while I ponder what to do I decide to google this mofo fish. And I find it's literally hellbent on destroying rafts, and nothing else. Since I don't have the raft engram (the raft I had was a gift from another player) and don't have the points for it, and am a long ways away from a level up, I figure I have to bite the bullet and walk the distance. I know it's risky due to the number of alpha's on server that like to hang around the beach, but i also figure with the weapons I have on hand, the dinos I have and the level they're at, and the average level of alphas I've seen, I should be ok and lose one, maybe two, tames. Acceptable losses, I figure. Ark, however, decides to royally screw me. 6 alpha raptor encounters, one of which was a lvl 104. I lost 80% of my tames, all to the 104, and a ridiculous amount of gear since the majority of lost tames were my heavy weight truck dinos and the rest couldn't carry much. What should have been a 10-15 minute boat ride turned into a three hour nightmare trek. All because Wildcard decided, for some asinine reason, that between the Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs, Megalodons, Piranhas, giant squids, Mantas, and whatever other aquatic horrors I'm forgetting, that the oceans weren't dangerous enough, and just haaaad to add a creature that goes after rafts like a horny teenage boy goes after girls, and make it so OP that it ignores any extension structures built and damages ONLY the base raft, and kills it in one hit. Supposedly they're supposed to only stick to the deep ocean, but I call bull**** because I was literally right on the line of the drop off where the shallows turns into deeper water. So, thank you Studio WIldcard, and screw you too.
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