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  1. Ironic that the first dlc that didn't have a release date also was the smoothest launch y'all ever had and YOU RELEASED IT IN EARLY ACCESS. This is a joke, this company is a joke. I'm fuming that I can't get a refund for the content you consistently haven't fulfilled. All these people who claim its fine haven't played your game long enough or have the memory of an Alzheimer's patient because y'all at WC know that no matter how much QA you do, it's gonna release like a gilded turd anyway.
  2. Yo, I didn't pay nearly 40 USD for the dlc to already be delayed (just like literally every other dlc before) last minute just for y'all to put it under the rug on a post LITERALLY CALLED "ON THE HORIZON". I expected the first part, but what gives? Can y'all stop playing for once!
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