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  1. Morf

    pvp New official server dragon beta

    The more health on your dinos, the more damages they take from the flame over time damage. Try herbivores with cakes to do this fight....sadly carnivores aren't good anymore for this fight. Also bringing a Yuti is almost mendatory. Gl
  2. Morf

    Questions to the devs

    Hey i'm not a dev but i can answer them, here it is : #1 I guess the data model they used don't allow them to put IDs everywhere to prevent duping and now they're stuck with that cuz they can't redesign the data model without breaking the whole game and also cuz they don't have the time/money... Or just lack of skill from the data architect. Imagine WoW is more than 10 years old but they don't have any dupe problems somehow. #2 Why would you want the player base to stay on official servers which are free while you can push them to play on private servers from which you get money from renting them ? #3 New dlc incoming. Feeling so g$$$$$$$$$$$$$d how about you ? Enjoying the lag i bet