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  1. Images from my PGM Server + Other maps created via PGM Feel free to hop on to look around or join the "2CrazyGaming PvE ProGen" server!
  2. If i'm not mistaken, there is a 'River Biomes' that has not been added yet. As of this stage though, you can't really get flowing rivers. You can tweek settings using various seeds to achieve an almost river feel to some areas. Same goes for Swamp Biomes, deserts, caves, etc..
  3. seems that way. Iv'e not seen a giga spawn for along time. (It won't get rid of any gigas that are already spawned though, i did the destroywilddinos command to do that)
  4. i use this line in my game.ini for my server to remove gigas... NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Gigant_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="")
  5. Without seeing the values you are trying, i can only guess that your MountainHeight= could be too high. Again, you'll have to post your settings to know for sure if this is the cause or not.
  6. I saw a post from a mod (can't recall where) that said "swamps are not in yet, but will be." Didn't see anything about when, but i hope soon. I have not seen beavers yet myself, nor have i seen bears or quetz... dunno if i just missed them on my quick explore or they are just not in yet.
  7. heh, thanks. after the first 2 or 3 attempts and spawning inside mountains ... i figured i needed to make that to wrap my own head around what was going on. --------- On another note... is it just me or does everyone timeout after first load into a fresh PGark map? server fires up fine... first join of server takes awhile to generate map and all that, then timeout just before character creation restart ark then join again and it loads quick
  8. I made a VERY basic visual guide to help me set up my server and somewhat figure out the settings. There are many other settings i have not included yet (mostly stuff like tree density and what not) I hope it helps somebody. =) (The image in the guide is my server, which was made using roughly the settings in the guide and a random seed.) Feel free to visit my PvE server.
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