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  1. I've been breeding turtles for the past week or so just fine. Today, when I tried to breed a couple of mine with a friend, they mated just fine, but there was no fertilized egg, nothing. The mating was successful; the females have the timer cooldown. We've tested this twice, no eggs. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I play on an Official PvE server.
  2. I'm just curious: are the devs aware of the Mantis Egg problem? Everyone's complaining about it (including me) so I would think it's safe to assume they know about it. Mantis egg lay rate is broken. You're lucky to get 1 egg a week. I feel like it has to be bugged (no pun intended!); there's no way that the egg lay rate is supposed to be this terrible, is there? I've looked all over and there's only been 1 response from Jat saying he'd have someone look into it, and that was 3 months ago. Everyone has theories on how to get them to lay eggs faster, but there hasn't been a single agreed upon method, which supports the suspicion that they're just broken. I do not expect a Wildcard dev to see this post, but it would really help a lot of us feel better if we got some kind of official response instead of a 3 month silence. If this gets an official response, I'll gladly spread the word in-game!
  3. Does anyone know the average wait time for a ticket response? I've been waiting over a week now, trying to report a player.