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  1. 349 hasn't changed at all I was really hoping that moving the 350 VM off this box would free up some resources for this server but it is just the same! Please help @lilpanda
  2. I am in the US and I have the same exact issue on 349! It is insane. It happeneds every single day!
  3. KrogerKing


    I know, this server has the same problem every single day! I have submitted so many of those outage reports and nothing has ever been done.... missing imprints and egg hatchings because the server is too laggy. Rubber banding, dc'ing..... please fix the server.... for now... I want to play but can't!
  4. KrogerKing

    Which surface area is best for drop farming?

    Red for sure!
  5. KrogerKing


    Hey there Becky, I am known throughout the game and in real life as The King of the Sea so if you ever need any help, just let me know.....
  6. I am going to try and get to this ball that drops but I would love to know as a low level toon, who may not even be able to get there... Do we need to be at the ball to get something or... I get that you want it to be a surprise but they way it is worded it makes it sound like that anyone that is logged in gets something. If it turns out this is not true, you are going to have MANY MANY upset people. Please clarify. Please and Thank You! and thanks for all the hard work!