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  1. 1 hour ago, megaHammer said:

    I am so disappointed by everyone. There are literally people being murdered. Abused. Sentenced to jail because we are trying to change our country for the betterment of a race. So what they're not prepared to handle an event and also the release of a new map. Yeah, i get it. they're not on time like always. But take a look around in the world. Please. Can you not put yourself into someone else's shoes and have a little bit of faith? I guarantee you a lot of people would be saying the complete opposite if these things were supposed to be released on time. "how dare they when innocent people are rioting and being beaten"
    This is an American based game. Ced is fighting the long fight. We are all ready for change. Get your heads out of your butts for just enough time to see that they're trying to be considerate.
    Everyone's lives matter right now. You guys should be angry, but this is not the time or place to be.


    WC isnt delaying it because of the Protests, their doing it because like always they delay in the last 24 hrs & their just using this as an excuse to delay crap yet again because like always they fail to meet any deadline they place. I'm not saying this as a selfish person, im saying this as someone thats played ark since their beta, this isnt about the protests, its about their bad ethic and im pretty sure thats why other people are saying the same stuff. They COULD have delayed this DAYS sooner if it was REALLY about the BLM Movement & the George Floyd Protests. Especially when people DO take valuable days off work if they are able to OR need/want a distraction IRL due to the pandemic/Job losses right now.

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  2. yep i have lost about 10 animals this week alone from the same issue. none were even close to the  451 cap that insta deletes when tossed. they were all around 200-400 in level. lost turtles/manas/megalos/ argy etc. thank god hasnt happened with an imprinted giga yet. but yea its really bad.

    mine said the same. couldnt deploy, cryo timer sickness running. but no animal.
    also this is on official pvp servers.

  3. On 11/25/2019 at 9:00 PM, TheKaijuKing said:

    I’m having a problem with ARK rn. It won’t let me load into single player or an official server because of the turkey trial. Every time I try to load a new map it just crashes no matter how many times I’ve tried. Can u please send out an update so that it can work properly? thx

    couldnt log in on ark at all either after the turkey trial events came out. he had to delete all the direct x files on his computer to fix it.
    fiance recommends you should choose yes when it asks if you want to uninstall all the files related. because otherwise you have to do like he did which is hunt down every last file. no amount of file verifications helped fix it, nor did uninstalling ark and reinstalling help. something about their update BROKE the direct x files for some pc's

  4. 1 minute ago, caleb68 said:

    I have a question, cause frankly i just don't remember, only one i got to participate in is the first event (2015), How often do the dodorex/dodowyvern spawn? and are there ever more then one of them on the map?

    I was doing some memory refreshing on these guys and they are basically like having a boss fight going, so I'm hoping they only spawn one on a map at a single time sense they aren't area locked.  would be pretty bad to have a dodorex and a dodowyvern showing up at your base at the same time. Can anyone clairify how they work when spawning in to the map? honestly, i really don't remember.

    i'm betting they have a few surprises that won't be shown till the trailer or just before the event is launched.


    sadly all event placables decay away :( wish they didn't, the easter event let me deco my hatchery to look like.... well... a hatchery even when i wasn't hatching eggs.  Its a shame they do that with them, the decay, it would be nice to be able to have them year around/till they are destroyed normally.

    dodowyvern was ONLY on SE. and it ONLY spawned at night. if you hadnt killed it come Morning, you lost out and had to wait the next round

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  5. 4 minutes ago, TomBakerARK said:

    I just saw the community crunch where it was revealed there would be a fear evolved this year and i couldn't be happier!

    Since it seems to be a US thing maybe next year they can call it "Fall'O'ween" or something ha.


    Anyway Thanks DEV TEAM!!

    doubt it , its always been fear evolved

  6. 45 minutes ago, Plum28 said:

    This is the first Fear Evolved I will be playing, 

    I am hoping for some colors: 

    Dark purple 

    Lime Green or Dark green. 

     I also hoping that the skeleton Jerboa can be tamed and that wyvern eggs that get hatched is skeleton ones!

    As I am not sure how the previous ones worked 

    skele stuff is all skins. the zombie wyverns are only for when you kill the dodowyvern. and you cant fly on them unless they finally change it. they are just fancy overgrown pretty and iconic tames you can claim 


  7. you also realize they are a company based in america, and you also realize that if they only fixed poop all the time they will lose players, because the game gets very stale when nothing interesting is happening. instead of complaining about something that doesnt take them much to do considering its really nothing majorly new and didnt really take their time up, just enjoy the poop?


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