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  1. For the Longneck change, it still needs a bigger buff, its just not enough damage and wont be enough to kill anyone on official pvp with the current stats of armor. Same with the fab sniper, it will not be enough to kill someone even if you hit 8/8 to a capped helmet with a capped fab sniper. A better way to buff weapons would be to increase the weapon damage cap in my opinion, with the current stats of flak on official a 298% dmg fab sniper is basically useless when you need to hit more than 1 mag to break their armor. Im not sure what you intend on doing by changing the fab sniper penetration, do you want us to kill people through their armor or break their armor and then kill them? (Would be nice with an answer to that) The ice titan change seems good because it lasted for a stupid amount of time before, havent gotten to test it yet. Changes to plant y are good for players, but for dinos i think it needs to last longer. With the changes that are made to plant Z, foot pvp is very hard. Most dinos are already incredibly strong and a therizino, rhino and managarmrs with well bred stats do stupid amounts of damage to player. (I know it is a dino game, but i think there still needs to be a good balance because people like both) Forest titan changes seem really good, will be interesting to see how it plays out in a big war. Like Jose said, this list still needs to be ALOT longer to be able to make people have any reason to not live in a cave. I think there should be a game suggestions thread related to pvp changes that the community want to see.
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