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  1. These getting fixed? Its been nearly 2 years ced.... talk about taking the p**s
  2. Primitive plus??? And please fix the refining forge and advance workbench and the smithy, Refining forge cannot make bricks or steal as clay and carbon cannot be placed inside them Advanced smithy breaks on every patch stopping you from being able to craft things such as metal spike walls Also you cannot craft the advanced workbench in a smithy only another advanced workbench So without a friend on server to supply you with an advanced workbench and a forge you literally cannot reach brick walls and advance further in game. This is official xbox pvp rag 5 prim + and
  3. Love wildcard, love ark, everyone be happy that these guys grind there behinds of to give us a great game, yes theres a few bugs but with any 24/7 live game i would expect a few problems lol, please please please wildcard give ua a date for console release
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