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  1. I don't care what you say now, You said it clearly before "Just because you quoted someone from Microsoft who by the way would not even hint that it will be coming to a competitor platform in the future you cannot state for a fact it is never coming to PS." I quoted someone in Microsoft to proof that they didn't said "launching". You can't understand it? Well, not my problem. But don't expect I care abot what you write when you literally ignored why I wrote something and try to create fires whichs is literally the oposite a mod should do. Bye. Don't expect any more answer from m
  2. You know what is not wise? Answer someone without understanding at least a conversation works. One was saying that Microsoft/WC said "launch exclusive" in all the comunications and that prooved that it was time limited. That's why I put this tweet to proof that he was liying. That there were no proofs of that. There are only two tweets, all the information we have are 2 tweets, one says exclusive for Xbox consoles, and the other says that it will also be launch on PC. From here, say that "it's time limited" because "they always say launching release" is just denial and liying. T
  3. You ignored the tweet I wrote before. I don't want to speak with people like you. Bye. I won't answer you anymore.
  4. Cucharon

    Human breeding?

    But the child has the implant. So I think the girl is like the other survivors.
  5. Aaron Greenberg U en Twitter: "We are excited to be working with the Studios Wildcard team on bringing ARK II staring Vin Diesel exclusively to Xbox Series X|S consoles." / Twitter Sorry but this tweet says clearly "exclusive". "launch" was said just in another tweet to clarify that they were launching it not only in Xbox but also in PC. I understand that PS5 fans wants Ark in that console, but it's time to forget the denial stage and accept it. I am not saying that it's impossible, but the reality is that today, Ark II is Microsoft exclusive.
  6. That would be awesome but I wonder if it can be made. Maybe they could separate areas with something like the desert I said, it doesn't need to be literally a desert but an area where you can't build and stop, just move. Wow, awesome ideas. All of them.
  7. 1- Alll tiers should have a primitive look. For example, metal tier armor could look like tribal clothes with some metal plates. Not like a medieval armor. 2- Make first levels slower to be able to enjoy all the tiers. First levels were too fast to up in Ark 1 to the point that wood tier was barely used. Up level should be slower in Ark 2 at the begining. 3- Reward smart creative defenses. Now in Ark defenses are basically a cube with turrets. I would like to have more variety to make players have to think how to defend. Maybe mechanisms, I don't know, but something. Also some dino
  8. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    COD 3 was console eclusive, Ark 2 is exclusive from Windows, Xbox and in phones with xCloud. More variety than Cod 3. But anyways, Final Fantasy was in PC and Play Station, suddenly Sony decides to remove it from PC and you say "who cares". Ohhhh, you know? Who cares about Ark not being released in Play Station? Also, Spiderman was never on another system? Spider-Man in video games - Wikipedia Overview of Spider-Man video games Title Release Platforms Developer Publisher Spider-Man 1982
  9. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    Devs know how to solve it. This bugs that can't be repaired from Ark like undermesh raiding come from the core, to fix them they must start a new game, which is, Ark 2. Hope this time they will do a good base, after that, all the bugs can be repaired. The problem comes when your base is poorly programed like Ark 1 was. They started being a small company. Now they are not. Let's give them a try. Be positive.
  10. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    Years ago I discovered that the game was so bad programed that creature names were droping 10fps. And no, I am not talking about rendering creature names, hidding them with the key didn't change fps, but disabling them from settings increased around 10fps the game (probably disabling them from settings were just stoping the process of gathering before showing them). Which means that just READ the names from the creatures were droping fps. Also I remember the blueprint of the sap thing. I opened it and It was extremly bad programed to the point that it wouldn't start generating sap u
  11. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    Ehm.. that's exactly what Sony does. And still you bought the Play Station.
  12. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    I wonder how maps will work. In Atlas all servers were connected in a way that players didn't had to teleport like in Ark, just navigate. The end of Extinction was basically all the arks returning to the earth, so we should be able to walk from one to another. But is also true that in the trailer they are not in the Earth.
  13. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    I understand normal PS owners that would love to play Ark. But then there are the "non-normals." It is embarrassing how many rats are calling for Wildcard to go bankrupt, for a boycott, etc. due to an exclusive... owning they a Play Station! How can you be so hypocritical? Lol
  14. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    Aaron Greenberg U en Twitter: "We are excited to be working with the Studios Wildcard team on bringing ARK II staring Vin Diesel exclusively to Xbox Series X|S consoles." / Twitter Cedric "CeddyBear" en Twitter: "Heads up: I'm seeing some confusion on this. ARK 2 will be launching on PC and exclusively on Xbox. Looking forward to sharing more info in due time. ❤" / Twitter This are the official announces. In my opinion it is clear that it will be just for Windows, Xbox and xCloud. Basically Microsoft platforms since Microsoft is working with Wildcard.
  15. Cucharon

    ARK 2!!

    You mean like Sony did with Call of Duty 3, Final Fantasy X, Spiderman, etc.? Hope you don't have a Play Station, it would be contradictory with your opinion.
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