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  1. Are you serious? Informal alliances have been a part of the game sense the start of this game. Before the alliance system was a thing and before server transfers where even a thing. Get used to the fact that people will join forces to fight common a enemy. Remember this historical quote? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I feel your the same type of person who wants offline raid protection and would love to just admin abuse the hell out of anyone for being better at the game then you. They have made you this option on unofficial servers where you can make and play however you like. T
  2. I think these servers will give them a real starting point for official. If mite begin to create a interest in the dieing pvp servers once again but, who knows. To be honest I have thought to make a noob character to go seal clubbing myself. I mean these guys are going to have to learn to have to defend against one at some point. ?
  3. plants are a joke. A BS lvl 10-20 rex can munch them to nothing not to mention they can be drained very quickly.
  4. You won't even be able to make auto turrets and tame cap at lvl 30. Why would they waste their time? Not to mention you can only reach lvl 44 max. Maybe a handful of sea clubbers but, other then that I don't think you will have any serious trolls as theirs no transfers to the server and as soon as you transfer out you can't go back. There mite be a few old veterans going there to maybe meet up with some people to star up ark again in a quiet server to build up a character to transfer but, even on a normal server if you hit the boxes on the weekend you can reach lvl 60 in a matter of a cou
  5. I love how people are short sighted and self centered. I think the new servers are kind of nice. It will be great for starters to give the game a real chance to get a feel of what official feels like with out the threat of being blind sided day 1 hr 1 by a alpha when you just got the game. From my experience the game was start on solo or a with a few buddies on a unofficial dedi and run scared from dilos for a little while then after you figured out a little about the map learned about the mats and maybe spawned in some for high end junk for kicks and giggles. You moved on to a pve for
  6. Oh the good old days of Ark. I haven't though about this in while until someone liked it. That was a epic little set up however it did become altered. The pit was later on removed and holes where places. to make for the "kiddie pools" Where we floated a few gigas or rexs brontos as well as we added a larger tower to it and connected the structure to the main one above. We added a large elevator as well as janked the side of it with a behemoth gate at the bottom to allow giggas out and about after they have grown a little bit. but the elevator would allow you to get into the main compounds incu
  7. Wrong they are a "subsidiary" Zenimax oversees Bethesda and has contracts with them. However they do not have ownership regardless of founders as, Bethesda is a offshoot or division of Zenimax. You should do a little more research buddy . You will also find out if you do some more research that Wild card is a "subsidiary" of snail games USA . Just like Bethesda is for Zenimax. I don't really see how your comment has anything to do with my original post however but, it seems you didn't even look into a few google searches so, I can't say I'm surprised you didn't read it.
  8. This game won't affect ark's progression as it's made by a separate dev crew. As far as a grab for money that has yet to be decided. As the game has made a large amount from sales there upkeep for servers is outrageous. So overall I'm not surprised they are trying to make money off something they made to sell. They are a business like anyone else and at the end of the day they have bills to pay. However releasing it into EA is very shady as they have a huge jump start and with far less effort will be able to make a full release of the game. With the game being in EA I have a feeling it wi
  9. This isn't new, ESO was made by Zenimax and not Bethesda because, Zenimax is a sister company so they have the ability and access to do so. This game is no different and by it being created by "snail games" it is made with a different dev crew and just like eso was made by a different dev crew. Zenimax used code from the devs at Bethesda too so this shouldn't be a shocker. In short this has been done before and it will be done again. If you don't like the game don't buy it pure and simple but, don't be surprised if wildcard supports snail games.
  10. Probley just using the EA crutch to say " hey guys it's still in development"
  11. had a megatherium named Creepy Uncle Tom..... we got him shortly after the megatherium came out. he was a really low lvl and we where close to tame limit so we where just going to kill him but, one of are tribe mates protested greatly so. we put him up in the nursery and he just kind of sat in the corner watching the babies for a few days. So we gave him a pair of dino glasses and the name just came naturally.
  12. Had a Gigga named Giggity no pantalones
  13. Had a Theriznosaurus named Ther Iz no escape as well
  14. they should do one for SE where he dies from wolves 8 times in a row before he can even open his eyes and then when he gets a break and spawns in he take three steeps only to be flung by a rock elemental into the sky to have a death worm burst from the earth to eat his body mid-air.
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