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  1. Hello Onimusha759, I see we have the same problem... I didn't played extinction for a while (just with a friend in private server but at least 4 months), just Ragnarok now and can't stop this theme. It's frustrating
  2. Hello, thanks for your answer I don't usually look at the .ini files. You said "you could just change it before launch to an older map name", but where you can change that ? Good evening Undael
  3. How to change ark theme ? (stucked in extinction theme) Hello, I come here after a hour of research, who gave nothing. Since i have extinction, when i'm playing on Ragnarok, The Island or The Center, i can't have the old theme (i want to hear because i'm nostalgic ). I tried to switch in other map (i'm playing on ragnarok map for the moment), but nothing has changed). I need help, if someone know how to fix it, please! It is a bug, or it's normal ? I love the old theme... Thanks you in advance, Undael PS : When i'm loading ragnarok i have the old theme (loading music, but not the theme). Trying with scorched earth if it can solve. When i load scorched earth and return to the menu i have aberration screen but scorched earth music... weird
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