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  1. Hello! I play ark since the release, and i saw Christmas become a season of fights and toxicity in game every year Every time Raptor Claus spawn some players get everything, other players get nothing. Even if in the server we agree to respect others, when we see someone waiting for the present, moving to next one, there is always players that dont care about anything and just steal all the time. Everyone gets hangry instead of having fun My suggestion is that you fly anyway Raptor Claus around the maps but without dropping presents, and during that time, when you feed the gach
  2. I personally think the Christmas loot should work as for the Thanksgiving or Halloween event. We should try to find something like turkeys, and craft things after. Toxic people will always exist, it's disgraceful the lack of respect that some people have for others, even though it's a game where we should all have fun. In pvp it may even be fun, but in pvp it's a disgrace. Pros: Color events, +5lvls, Chibis, x2 on everything was amazing! Cons: rare chibis being to rare, toxic people stealing loot when u are already there waiting, presents spawning outside of the map ( Valguero and SE)
  3. So, i only need to download the program again and afteropen the file with the save of my library right? ty
  4. Everytime i need to download last updates i cant find the place and the program stop working maybe i'm a fool but, how and where do we download the last updates? Btw, nice job!
  5. what about full servers? There's a lot of them and players cant breed or tame dinos! this is ridiculous! Do something about it! New players will come everyday and they will not be abble to play!
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