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  1. Also the first few players will recieve a care package surprise!
  2. Valguero dedicated unofficial pvp boosted open Hello i am advertising my Valguero boosted xbox/pc server. Offering a friendly pvp atmosphere with admins that are always willing to help if needed. Server is paid up for the year so there is a lot of time to enjoy the game. There is a pvp free zone on the two islands mid map equipped with a welcome center and crafting building to allow players to build up and level up before finding their home spots. We will be hosting events for cool tames and epic gear voted for by participating players. The goal is to host a fair and fun pvp server. Offlin raid prevention is on. Boosted player exp. Tame exp. Harvesting breeding raising dino carry weight dino melee dino stam boosted engram points so you can unlock everything as you level. Join our facebook group or discord for more info. Flat Ark Society P.C./Xbox unofficial server
  3. Immersive taming on console? Could we get that immersive taming mod ported to console please I watch these gameplay videos of PC version mods and i only want one that's immersive taming on console it would make taming more realistic and fun.
  4. Are they ever bringing the fertilized wild eggs to console? I would rather snatch and hatch to tame them kite into traps
  5. When can we get npc humans in single player (at least) I would really enjoy that
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