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  1. Same. Mines been down for over 48 hours. Devs need to respond to people. There are many complaints. The list of down servers is empty. You can submit a server downage report, but it doesn't matter. Not like they check them.
  2. Mine has been down for almost 2 days. I'm afraid I won't be able to go to my other servers and refresh the timers. I read a guy post that his server has been down for 3 weeks. They don't update the server outage post. It's so hard to get a hold of them. I have reported the outage many times. Have you reported the outage for your server?
  3. I can't even play this because my server has been down for going on 32 hours. Nobody has responded to me. I need to know what's going on with my server. It's not in the down server list either.
  4. Server 502 not found PC This server has been down for at least 14 hours. Ridiculous.
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