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  1. Excellent. It's always a good plan to install those runtimes from the right places. Good to see you got it sussed out.
  2. BubbaCrawfish

    Official Bugs?

    And your point is what??
  3. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    Comes back to the point I initially made though, even if you do get something like this brought in, and there are servers that allow this, you'll end up with exactly the same situation that people will still fill up the server with tames. After all, this isn't a new problem in the slightest.
  4. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    Alright, so because of your statement, your opinion also doesn't matter as it's like your opinion man... But as I said, in PvE, why would they have needed RAIDING protection... Matter of fact, are you using special settings to get a PIN on your troughs?
  5. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    Just because the PvP servers you've encountered don't have Offline Raid Protection enabled, and that most PvE servers you encounter do, doesn't say the feature was implemented for a single gamemode as you were making out. After all, most PvP servers who enable it, disable it real quick as it messes with a heap of stuff, and is exploitable by people who know how to. I also fail to see how you can assume that PvE servers, would need to stop players from breaking walls, and 'raiding',when they can't exactly break their buildings anyway. The only thing they can access is the open storages... And that's another reason most people disable it... It disables PIN access for other tribes when you're not around to exchange items.
  6. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    Are you really sure on that?? In PvE it doesn't function to its extents, after all, you can't break buildings in PvE, and wars weren't around when the offline raid protection got added, so because it covers buildings, I'm going to say that's a hard no for it being for PvE... This attempting of people to define developments as being primarily for one mode or another is simply another form of elitism, and it should be ditched... It got added to the game, for the game... It doesn't make any dent on any argument you produce these terms in, it simply gives others more reason to dismiss your point as you're only looking from one modes perspective in that reasoning.
  7. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    All that needs to happen is to encourage taming troodons (using tames), doing boss fights (using tames), or to straight up decide to archive, or dispose of the dinos themselves. Seeing as you can't archive them, you really only have the main choice of using them. More servers isn't the answer as those servers will end up full, and cluttered as the rest are already.
  8. BubbaCrawfish

    Gypsy Wagon!!!!!

    This could easily be adapted to work for PvP as well, have it that during the day they are semi-safe, but at night, they're more vulnerable to attack. This may require nights to be lengthened though whilst these sort of things are in play.
  9. BubbaCrawfish

    PVE Emergency Server for tame capped situation.

    Better off to encourage people to tame Troodons, and to stop hoarding dinos, especially if they aren't going to use them. And for a suggestion, an eggfarm structure or something, to deposit dinos and have them pop eggs out whilst in there, and even have to eat. Over-all, there needs to be a dino storage of some sort, and even though I have constantly said it can be made by a mod, it actually needs to be brought in.
  10. Redownload it or look for the runtimes you are missing. It's surely one of those would be the reason. Be sure that your anti-virus isn't messing about with it (As that can break programs running with their scans, and also a corrupted file can demonstrate the same kind of behavior.)
  11. Another thing to check, maybe ARK Customizer mod... If you make sure everything but the mindwipe on join is disabled, that may help you out. I was looking through the workshop just today, and I seen you bump this, and remembered. Check it is what I say, it has some start-kit option for a connection which could be an option for the time you need for people to be able to mind-wipe. Just be careful to check the config over, and test on a non-live server to make sure it's set correctly.
  12. BubbaCrawfish


    That doesn't do what you think it does... https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/API/Runtime/Engine/GameFramework/AGameMode/index.html I'd highly suggest you refrain from simply randomly changing things that seem to fit what you think it does, without searching up on it first.
  13. That's going to come back to your settings, as I have that set, and it works.
  14. When the XP tables get changed your levels seem to automatically get reset anyway, so maybe just change the tables, and keep the maximumXP value the same and see what happens on a clean world.
  15. I do think something is up... Just a feeling I had a couple of nights back when I came back to my base to find that the breeding timer, was out of sync with my phone timer. By like 10-15 minutes. I didn't think much of it at the time.