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  1. Another thing to check, maybe ARK Customizer mod... If you make sure everything but the mindwipe on join is disabled, that may help you out. I was looking through the workshop just today, and I seen you bump this, and remembered. Check it is what I say, it has some start-kit option for a connection which could be an option for the time you need for people to be able to mind-wipe. Just be careful to check the config over, and test on a non-live server to make sure it's set correctly.
  2. BubbaCrawfish


    That doesn't do what you think it does... https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/API/Runtime/Engine/GameFramework/AGameMode/index.html I'd highly suggest you refrain from simply randomly changing things that seem to fit what you think it does, without searching up on it first.
  3. That's going to come back to your settings, as I have that set, and it works.
  4. When the XP tables get changed your levels seem to automatically get reset anyway, so maybe just change the tables, and keep the maximumXP value the same and see what happens on a clean world.
  5. I do think something is up... Just a feeling I had a couple of nights back when I came back to my base to find that the breeding timer, was out of sync with my phone timer. By like 10-15 minutes. I didn't think much of it at the time.
  6. Pretty sure that it's simply in the wrong spot for the kill, otherwise it'd sit there constantly doing it to each and every target... because it'd still be loading up on meat, and not having it expire.
  7. Is that a conveyance of knowledge, or speculation though? I've always considered them to be unable to actually 'hit' the corpse, and that causes them to be stuck in that cycle.
  8. BubbaCrawfish

    My Single Player save self deleted?

    Pretty sure you'll find it's a client-side issue, and that you should have backups. Matter of fact, have you actually looked in the world folder, as there usually are backups made by ARK.
  9. BubbaCrawfish

    graphics crash isue

    If you read what was mentioned in the threads, and many like these, it'll end up being a console issue. It's yours to fix. Something I didn't think of last time, is if your drive is full on your XBox, that could give you trouble. I usually don't go past 50% on my PCs drives, but if your XBox drive is full, maybe that could lead to trouble.
  10. That's non-descriptive at all... Things like your hardware specs, images showing what is happening, the settings your game is set to, and the rest... Simply saying you've tried some of the mentionings, is like saying you tried 'something', won't say what it is, and end up saying it's still not working. Like, here I am, just a normal player trying to see what people have done, and trying to suggest simple things, and by not having any feedback, I'm left at a loss. One thing that got me when I started playing on the PC was a defrag of the drive was in order, and the settings needed tweaking. Even on the PC version, if you end up running out into the world too fast, things don't render out as they should, but if you let the machine 'catch up' usually it'll come right. I now have my ARK install on a secondary SSD, the primary has my OS on it, and that change, made everything run so much better. Also, when someone is trying to find info out, leaving them hanging makes the chances of them being 'around' slimmer. (Same with bumping, if you don't bump your topics and try call people into the thread, you won't get far at all)
  11. BubbaCrawfish

    Quetzal in dire need of saving.

    There's already tags, and it wouldn't be hard to implement them for this. It already got done for the trading section. Why I was referring to the segregation is because that's what was coined before, or did you not read that? All the quotes are still there, the culprit can't delete those.
  12. This kind of 'reporting' is what doesn't get anything done. Have you actually mentioned what you've tried, what your system is, or anything at all? Where you posted in Common Solutions, did you even attempt any of it, and have you even attempted what's been talked about in here... Have you actually tried to even fix it yourself? If you actually put effort into what you post, then maybe you'll get some feedback, and people trying to point you to where else may work. This, is how forums work.
  13. As soon as I seen that I thought Clarence in the park...
  14. Keep at it, if they see what's happening and see that you're trying, someone will come in with something for you. Those links are good though, and just keep track of your experiences. Try take some screenshots if you can. Some where it works, some where it's not. Settings could be something to screenshot on the PC end too.