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  1. Boss fight / dinos left on obelisks

    lol that'd take so much effort, but the real question is whether on the other side it's still agro on the player who kited it.
  2. Few servers then before

    This was what was emphasized on the introduction of the legacy servers.
  3. water reflexion bug report ark ps4 (not pro)

    When you look out to sea, and see your hand and tools reflected in some retarded way... I also think it's to do with the engine, more than the game itself.
  4. Why is Ragnarok OP AF yo(PvE)

    Is that a modified setting, or is the motorboat not classed as a platform?
  5. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    But does it save the actual save-game files as the OP was asking about...
  6. Just as the topic says, so we know how many structure pieces we can place on the platform saddle/raft/motorboat. Just somewhere on the visual information that comes up when you are looking at the platform, such as where the health is.
  7. Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    As I said it _COULD_ be used as a feature, to limit where people reside. I think you need to let it rest. I really just hope they don't 'fix' this, and instead make an admin command to regen all the obelisks to reset such an event considering it's only an admin command that can actually break them. After all, this could be used to STOP ASCENSION...
  8. Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    I'm talking about the fact that using this you could limit where people settle, and have option to regulate more travel in clusters by doing this. After all, to have a single exit point other than pickups, and a single place to summon bosses, would drive more people toward the one area.
  9. Special pvp servers for pve players and dinos

    Could be doable, but what would happen is if you do have a PvE server attached to PvP servers, people will hide everything important they have on the PvE server so they're invulnerable. I myself have all my good stuff stored on the PvE server in my cluster, mainly because we're not as active as we were prior, stashed until such a time that we start really playing again.
  10. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    All it's about is simply knowing where the files are stored, and how to transfer them without messing them up... Simply copy them, and make sure to retain the originals, and back them up elsewhere... If anything fishy happens, make sure you start over, and don't mess with the backups/original files.
  11. Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    I think this is more a 'feature' and I hope they don't remove it... Maybe they should add it in as an admin-restorable feature. Even though S+ allows it to be put back somehow, it's not a reliable 'fix' as S+ won't fully be brought in, so this may be something that will end up being removed, and OP( @Adamzon ) will be left in the lurch somehow
  12. Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    Is it actually fully 'gone'? I'm going to have to jump into a singleplayer save and check this out, as in some circumstances this could be useful.
  13. Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    That's a backup issue, as you should be backing up a hell of a lot more than every 2 weeks. Seriously though, that's mad... I never knew they were destructible like that... I suppose it's one way of forcing people to use certain obelisks. Definitely the savegame has the obelisk details in it.
  14. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    That's not really a fix... If the cloud isn't used for it, then it won't affect it. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/517141882718603558/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/152390014791215478/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/142261352639099372/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/521643320362113585/
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    You could suggest that you can download off the server, to your profile to be able to upload them to a dedicated, or even just take them to single player. It's only a setting. And it can be download only, so that people can't upload spawned tames, or over-stat things.