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  1. BubbaCrawfish

    Day 2: Still can't play

    Wait until someone with XBox experience comes back, but have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it? Being that it crashes on spawn when you do make a single player save, I'd say the issue is completely in your end, but the question is where do we go from here in this term. Being that I am not a person with an XBox, I wouldn't be sure on what happens when you uninstall/reinstall, or how you'd go about getting this sort of thing verified. I hope someone will see this thread, and also give you some info.
  2. BubbaCrawfish

    Day 2: Still can't play

    I was about to say the first thing you do is take out your mods, then I remembered the first thing i must do, and that is to check the platform anyone is on. Have you tried making a singleplayer world? Have you tried connecting to another server? I don't know how to go about verifying your files on XBox but I'd check into that as well.
  3. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Downloaded Twice?? Help!

    For the locked in downloading guys (Because mine downloaded fine in the end, just the steam update made it restart) have you got enough space on the harddrive you have it installing to for the 20gig download and enough for it to be put on the drive as well? (Should be 40gigs, 50 to be 'safe') Also, look at the downloading cache folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading), and check you haven't got that clogged up with 'junk', as the multiple downloads could be filling up that folder and not clearing it. There should be nothing in there if it is completely 'done', but if there's like 2 folders or more in there, and you are still downloading the update, that could indicate an issue.
  4. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Downloaded Twice?? Help!

    If it's other steam distributed games, there shouldn't be any difference at all. As long as the updates are done through the steam client, not the individual games launchers. If it's via their launchers, then that's another story.
  5. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Downloaded Twice?? Help!

    Set your locality. Usually there's a few providers to download from your local area usually one hosted by your ISP. I hope it doesn't tell me I need to reinstall when the first download is done lol. Press X to pray.
  6. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Downloaded Twice?? Help!

    Lucky you, I'm still downloading it after 10 hours or something. Steam decided that it needed to restart for an 'update' and it started from the beginning again. (It was halfway through) Damn you steam......
  7. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Ahhh, lucky I closed Steam all day to not download the update when I wasn't wanting it to... Oh wait...
  8. BubbaCrawfish

    Extinction Release Megathread

    It is when they've always had this happen, and when they've always set times in their releases... If they had a sense of anything like this being possible, they wouldn't set the times anymore, but yet, they keep doing it. You'd have thought after all these years, that they'd have some sort of knowledge about this, yet they just keep doing it... That's why people get pissed about them doing it.
  9. This has been around for ages... You've left the crops growing for ages, and then you've harvested them. They then start growing like mad, and end up giving you a massive return. It's highly likely it's unintentional, but it's been in the game for at least a year, maybe even more.
  10. BubbaCrawfish

    closing game !!!

    If your game is crashing after 10 minutes, it's highly unlikely that it's the game itself, and more to do with your machine. Verify your files, and reinstall any mods you run. If a mod has broken, this could cause this sort of thing.
  11. BubbaCrawfish

    legacy pc save files

    And if you scroll down there are some from even October, so Septembers ones are in there, you just didn't scroll down far enough...
  12. BubbaCrawfish

    What happened to all the updates we were promised

    It's usually Microsoft that stop that sort of thing... I think it's all to do with their EULA that stops them being able to play games, without censorship, or something about trying to limit who they have interactions with online 'out of their control'.
  13. BubbaCrawfish

    Destroyed Obelisk terminal

    @EternalDragon If it's the tek terminal, it's highly likely your world is screwed, and you'll need to look at Ark-Tools and see about exporting and importing everything across to a new world. Other than backups, I don't think there'll be a way to fix your problem. After all, that's an admin caused issue if that's happened. Should be more careful about who you give admin to.
  14. BubbaCrawfish

    Unable to craft blueprint - requires too many resources

    The situation is that you're implying putting a stacking mod, on an official server (Because the blueprint I'm referring to won't fit in that replicator)... That's where you're wrong. The post you quoted, was 4 months old. The fact you went to the extra hassle of making it literally impossible to read your post, shows who the actual troll is. I'm done, I know you won't be.
  15. BubbaCrawfish

    Ramp Clipping

    And just because there is a setting, I'd rather not have to enable that setting just to have people block caves and areas because of the no-clipping crap, but I still wouldn't mind having ramps that actually allowed placement where-ever they should be able to. If the foundation places, the ramp shouldn't have an issue like this. That is the issue that even a non-official server would have, and if you can't see this as being an issue, then maybe you should just stop posting because you're not helping, or contributing to the thread in the slightest.