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  1. So did any of the issues get fixed? The missing taming progress and the missing imprint timer?
  2. Yea, I'd say that AntiVirus, really isn't a good one...
  3. Mhmmm, and the response of the few who are coming to your aid doesn't have anything to do with your return right?
  4. Yea you did...
  5. What? Armor nerf? The heck is this crud... Here I am amassing massive stockpiles of BPs, and now you've taken a dump on my gear...
  6. It means you don't have to be awake for entire time... That's what...
  7. I've run an SSD for the past 2 years, and prior to getting it, I was always mindful to put my games on my 7200rpm drive, and not a big one either. Whenever I was loading levels for other games, I'd always be the last to load in, then once I got my SSD I was quite often first in. There's a big loading performance to be gained form a simple upgrade to an SSD. It makes everything run so much better, and you don't even need to have the OS on it, but it's always good to get a pair. One for the OS, one for the games. Currently I have a 128 gig SSD for Windows, and 2 256gig SSDs (Raid 0 to make them 512 gig in one drive) for my games. When I first used SSD I bought one 128, followed by another 128 to add some space, but ended up forking out for the 2 256 SSDs within a year. I'd recommend 128 for OS, and whatever you can afford to get, as big as possible, for your games. AVOID THE HYBRID DRIVES, They aren't really SSDs... They simply have a harddrive that caches onto an SSD chip the "most used" things.
  8. Have you tried disabling the AV? This v Sounds like it could be trying to scan the file and it's interfering with the installation. Whilst search for that AV, I found many bad remarks regarding it, I'd highly suggest you find a better AV, such as AVG free or something notable. I'd highly suspect that this application really has something to do with it. Depending how "connected" it is to your computer, it could be needing to be uninstalled to make it fully disabled. If it's Windows 10 I'd say to fully remove it, and get a better, more recognized brand name AV. I wish you all the best, and I am subbed to the thread so I'll keep an eye out for anything in here.
  9. "Hello, fire brigade? I seem to have my cat stuck up the tree"
  10. Are you on SSD or a HDD? and if HDD, what speed, model is it?
  11. Likely merged because it's related, not to hide it...
  12. People already hypothesizing about how bad the update is going to be, even before it's come out... Typical. I'm enthused... You all should be too, or does your skepticism get in the way of that? Even if it's bugged to all heck, they'll get some fixes out... Show some positivity, and encouragement. Sheeesh.
  13. Post up your motherboard model, and what Antivirus are you running?
  14. Did you try https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/217691032448223689/ ? regarding the igfx process?