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  1. Rescue vehicles

    You selectively quote, and 'appreciate' what's said to you, and you ignore those who state what the problems really are. That's a problem, and you should be acknowledging this.
  2. Rescue vehicles

    So has this just come in, and is it because I opened the Ragnarok map before the change? Or is it because I start a new map and simply go to Ragnarok in the first place?
  3. Rescue vehicles

    I haven't ascended, and I don't encounter this.
  4. A better tranq weapon

    You can, as long as the last torpor wasn't dealt to them by the traps... Maybe you should read the wiki more, or actually check things.
  5. Half of the point of that mode was to make and level everything you got... You either play hard and kill faster than you level, or you play the long game and level yourself up, making the higher end gear.
  6. Baby raising settings

    That's beside the point.
  7. A better tranq weapon

    Oh ok, my logic is stupid because I know how to actually drop dinos... Yea. My bad.
  8. Baby raising settings

    But does anyone actually breed those that are so short, and actually imprint them.
  9. Baby raising settings

    Try this with a Dimorphodon, or anything that grows up super fast, and I'm pretty sure you'll find it won't get a full imprint.
  10. A better tranq weapon

    Oooh that's right... The harpoon is a different weapon if you want 'different'...
  11. Wyvern Not Spawning Ragnarok

    It's got an issue, especially seeing as they end up trying to go back to the scar, and simply get trapped under a lip and end up flying into the wall. Another bug regarding spawns, is the iced over lake up the top, as things STILL spawn underneath the ice.
  12. A better tranq weapon

    I don't think you understand what I said... There are easy ways at downing the Bronto... Hell, most people don't even use the traps at all not aware that they deal torpor. Rather than have people blindly suggest new stuff to add, to make it EASIER, why not have a look at how easy it is with the suggestion of what I have advised rather than taking it personally and getting all antsy about it. If you haven't done it, nor understand that tranq darts have a superior successor, then maybe you need to actually play the game a bit more.
  13. Can moths produce silk already ?

    The quote I posted was from the wiki itself, and heck knows just how long ago digest 40 was, but judging we're up to 90 or so, it was quite a while back.
  14. A better tranq weapon

    That's the long neck, and if you get a mastercraft one it'll take half the darts to drop the bronto. Also, as I mentioned, tripwire traps apply torpor. Have you guys actually tamed something like this before, or have you simply thought it to be too hard? Like, seriously, you have a mount you can shoot off of now so you don't even need to be near it, you can use multiple techniques to do this. You can have someone carried by a simple argy, shooting the bronto, or you can intentionally agro it through 5 traps, and do the last few shots into the bronto, and it'll be down.
  15. Wyvern Not Spawning Ragnarok

    Even on a fresh map, they end up spawning near the green ob in the bay/bridge area to the outer islands. Once spawned some of them try head to the trench and end up caught in a cave under the ramp to the bridge. Obviously there is a spawnpoint somewhere down there that's in error.