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  1. An option would be good, it's just when you search for something, and simply grab all, I use the same filters to keep track of what I want to grab, and not have that clear.
  2. Game is unplayable. Assertion Failed Crash

    If you've been having a lot of file issues, then you may need to defrag your hard-drive, and investigate why they're getting corrupted so often. If you haven't been shutting the game down correctly that could cause it, but I'd check the health of your drive if that's not the case. With your backup save, you MAY be able to get it working by simply restoring it, but I'd really look at why you're having these corruption issues, if there's certain files being found to be needing to re-download. Especially if it's consistently downloading the same amount of files. Just be sure to keep a backup of your backup so your dinos/bases are safe.
  3. Game is unplayable. Assertion Failed Crash

    All you needed to do was validate the files through steam. This is a common crash, and a very easy one to fix. Now through your haste to actually try fix it, I'd say you've now broken that character.
  4. This is rather annoying if you are encumbered, and want to select what want to put back, and what you want to take again.
  5. Artifacts Not In The Containers

    Well, I'm on the latest server build. It was fixed a day or so after this thread was created. Nothing different, open the artifact beacon thing, and it was simply there.
  6. Artifacts Not In The Containers

    I've actually _just_ checked mine, and they are there.
  7. This is ridiculous

    infrastructure regards network work, it doesn't necessarily mean coding. Even though it's said in the same sentence, it's not to say that it is actually part of a patch. After all, it's not as if you can stop DDoS via anything but network changes.
  8. Artifacts Not In The Containers

    Pretty sure they were fixed a few patches back. Have you had it happen recently?
  9. This is ridiculous

    Pretty sure they were meaning that once they can finish up on using the technical guys on the current work goal, they can then get them to get into sorting the servers out, and making changes on that side of things to make it more enjoyable. PS4 patches always take longer due to Sonys QA section. WC will submit them, and Sony still goes over them before they go out.
  10. I'll have to check some generators I know were still powered long after players haven't been on for extended times. What led me to believe this was the case was that ORP had unintentionally been enabled on a server I had in the cluster, and I noticed it was also having this happen. This could be the case though that the server restarting could indeed have been causing it all. If it is fixed those generators that were off, where their circuits were still active should be off now, so that'll be what I'll be checking now. Checked them, they're still on.
  11. I've figured this out now. Vanilla Offline Raid Protection stops the status update on all of the things. So if the ORP is active and you end up having the power go off (In this instance SE electrical storm or by running out of gas in the generator) the appliances attached to it will still be powered. By theory this could be exploited as the generator will be off when you come back online, and you'll have unlimited power coming from that circuit. In particular fridges and air cons will be running for all time, and won't have any status updates.
  12. Does uploading tames remove the tracker?

    Not if you go out looking for it. They don't go overly far, but they do roam when disturbed as they have such a wide turn rate and look for clear spots to land.
  13. Does uploading tames remove the tracker?

    Highly likely as this more than likely wasn't anticipated to be an issue.
  14. Artifacts Not In The Containers

    Yea, they've even got upload/download/creatures/items/travel to another ark in them as well...
  15. Artifacts Not In The Containers

    I have the same on SE, and then going to Island to check there, also had none. I run a modded server, so unsure on my side as to whether it's a mod issue or whether this last patch did it.