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  1. I'd keep that meat in a special fridge, just to wave around saying "Can you smell what we been cooking tonight?!"
  2. Wow, now you are sinister...
  3. Note to self... Never ride Wyvern on passive.
  4. More likely they made the forums, and yet users decided they'd simply sit on reddit/twitter "reporting" bugs and complaining they don't listen to them.
  5. What if someone is colorblind though? They have names... They are printed on them, and that is what they are...
  6. I did know what the original commenter meant, and I posted up saying it was Ascendant. From there, there's 2 non-involved white knights jumping onboard to come to the rescue. Nothing rude at all about what I've said.
  7. So what about Blue? It's not interchangeable.
  8. No "meh" about it... They have the term in their title. It's not that hard to know what they are.
  9. They do work if you look at how to work with them. Fresonis' build guides are a valuable thing to check out. Dino gates do indeed snap, if you work with them. The small dino gates snap to fence foundations, then snap to themselves. Behemoth seem to snap to something. My last build consisting of ceilings, walls and pillars ended up with a behemoth snapping to them. Once it snapped, I simply built around that knowing it was indeed snapped.
  10. I also noticed this, as I have a raft that has a floor of hatchframes, and now I can't access the raft reliably without jumping in the water. I thought it was just me...
  11. Prior to 255, this wasn't an issue, then it started affecting a lot of us, with no changes in the slightest. How can so many be affected, and it comes back to all of our internet connections?
  12. When you have your dino on follow, and you drop and die, quite often they actually take your gear if you have victim item collection on.
  13. If you did this in ARK, you'd have people ghosting around peoples bases, and then when someone says for them to log in so they are behind the enemy, they will. DayZ also did this, and it allowed this exact exploit.