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  1. Is it just my eyes fooling me or is there a baby T-Rex in the screenshot?
  2. until

    Is the time converted to our time zone? Mine says 8-10pm. Looking forward to this.
  3. Just a little more info: Ark will release 16th (most likely 0:00) of your own time zone. Microsoft handles the release and its set like that. So once its 16th in your country, you should be able to get it. Im kinda fortunate because 16th will be in just 10 hours (yaay!) . Yes, some people already have it on Xbox because they are streamers / youtubers (somebody mentioned Draax, <S ). They gave them copies to advertise the game before it launches, you still have to wait. Also, the game isnt on the shop ATM (as far as I know, or at least not for me) because it shows only games that
  4. Ok I missed one dino first time so ive sent updated list. I dont think that counts though the main post doesnt say we can send only 1 email so... #AtLeastITried
  5. What if we missed few creatures and then identified them but already sent the mail? Can we send another one or only the first one counts? And yes, I missed some
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