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  1. Indeed the 123 tribe acts in a very suspicious way on the servers and this for years, these people have one day proposed to me to sell me a wyverne, I accepted the proposal, at that time one of the players asked me to add it as a friend on steam, which I did in all confidence, but when I got in touch with him he reminded me to buy the wyvern and then he gave me his paypal account so I pay him 25 € for it, so they serve as steam to avoid any surveillance on the game, these people are on all Ark's servers and are semi-professional, like the Po sellers in WOW, we called them Chinese farmers.
  2. Dinos freeze by the leash the dinosaurs that are in the leashes once they arrive around it remain frozen, which has the effect that if we leave a gorilla on a walk to collect fibers, not only does it not feed (it is aberrant that besides) but in addition it does not collect anything, with the AI it would be enough to make consider the edge of the leash as an obstacle and make the dino turn around AND above all prevent the players from hiding the leashes, you GMs have killed me dinosaurs that had escaped from my leash, because a player came to cover it with a quetzal, the leash having no more light to stop working.
  3. Excellent idea, I hoped for a long time that this update would come, because at the beginning and with the dino's card, it was the idea that I had made myself on the usefulness of this dino
  4. Review the coding of the complete set and fixed bugs Before doing anything on this game, I think a vast majority of people would prefer to have a healthy and fluid game without untimely disconnections, it would be preferable to have a team that which would announce, on a case-by-case basis, the various improvements made, I've been playing your game for 13740 hours, and the dinos always go through walls or foundations, have to break its foundations to get the babies back, not to mention the lag and rollbacks that are recurrent. Anyway, try to do a good job, rather than trying to continue to increase the work that has been botched.
  5. You know I've been playing your game for 13740 hours, I loved your game straight away and frankly I thought it was going to dethrone WOW (World of Warcraft), but as time goes by I realize that you'll never come close to this game, we've never had so many problems in wow, and any bugs were fixed at least within a week, these people at Blizzard are doing a great job, and you're doing a approximate, DIY, I'm sorry to say, but that's the truth, so coming out of the DLCs that will probably be coded the same way as the previous versions will only accumulate a weariness or even disgust of your game.
  6. Server "Shutdown" Extinction PVE 458 unplayable it's been 3 days since the server ejects us after 10 minutes of play, with in between latency times and rollbacks, I've never played such a poopty game, when we play paid games, the minimum respect towards the customer is to honor his contract by providing him a functional game and a maintenance of it to keep it functional
  7. extinction du serveur officiel pve 458 est écrasé But when they change hosts, Nitrados is the worst poop in server hosting. I almost come to regret having taken the last dlc, it's been 4 years that I play this game, I total 13,500 hours of play and each time I hope that it will improve, but I believe that it’s a waste of time, it’s only money that interests wildcard no matter what quality is delivered
  8. Unable to upload object to Valguero Hello and best wishes to all for 2020, Here I expose my problem, the downloads on Valguero were open and now they are no longer, we can no longer import, for what reason? it's a bug, it's voluntary, has it been announced? Thank you for your answers
  9. Valguero kicked every 5 minutes
  10. Chibi and drop Christmas gifts This event is really poop, people use script or cheat to grab all the gifts on our PVE server official valguero 550, there are only two guys who gorging themselves, it's very simple more nobody try to loot, why not put a debuf as for cryopods between each loot which would allow others to have at least a chance to loot one or the other object. Aah was enjoying these same people making reproductions using the gel of babies with owls, apparently that does not pose any problem to anyone, this game is wonderful but there is no follow-up, and it is really a pity
  11. ark eu pve exctinction 458 Down Hello to all, Here I wanted to point out that the server PVE 458 was no longer available, it would also advise to watch because long lag had become recurrent. Thank you lilpanda
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