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  1. One of our ob bases has roughly 700 to 800 plant x,i couldnt say how many turrets,maybe around 600. Theres no amount to stop at to be honest,keep building and building. And dont stack plant x too close together as tek rexes and rifles annihilate them.
  2. Anyone have a percentage of the base melee nerf for the Gigas?
  3. pvp

    Lol been in a party with probably half of ark 10 wanted a truce between the 2 tribes so things wont be taken further.
  4. pvp

  5. pvp

    Yeah there is,sons of ark.
  6. pvp

    Lol maybe.
  7. pvp

    Killed plenty of gigas and dragons over the past few days,already playing.
  8. pvp

    Anyone know who server 10 are allianced with? i have a guy keeps messaging me saying server 10 is allianced with french touch and to leave them alone and not go on there. guys from sons of ark or something like that. Thanks for any info.
  9. One of our servers is really bad,going from 40 to 252 ping constantly. Severe rubber banding and disconnects for everyone constantly. Think someone may be ddosing bit with a rubbish program.
  10. They seem to gather the same amount regardless of melee,50 - 60 pearls a time. Ive leveled movement,health and weight. Melee is on 387.
  11. pvp

    Blue ob has no bases on it,just 2 boxes with turrets on,which has already been blown into.
  12. I thought the tek cave and ascension cave were 2 different things.....
  13. A 150 leveled dino,tamed with kibble at the highest effiency achievable.
  14. I think the breeding mechanic does need a few tweaks here and there. Our tribe do tend to be constanly breeding,but its the only way to get the absolute best dinos,and playing pvp and you want to win its kind of a must really. Id like to see a few select timers on dino maturation reduced e.g gigas and mosas,bit then with the floating water trick it becomes easy to do. I can see how difficult it is for solo players or casual players. I consider myself casual with 4300 hours lol so what the hells a veteren lol.
  15. Ah yes,over looked this. Well this changes alot