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  1. oScottieHo

    [DEVS] Auto decay of dinos

    Had a newly tamed golem auto-decay lastnight,so that nasty bug is still there. Put in a ticket,i know they only spawn in upto 150 but its better than nothing,sort of.
  2. oScottieHo

    Most Used Creature (Any Map)

    The procoptodon,fast,agile,high weight and you can carry your mate! That jump though.......
  3. oScottieHo

    pvp I was kicked for nothing

    Ive been insided 4 times by 'friends' delete them,block them and move on! I had reapers,drakes,etc etc. They made out to be big and bad but in the end they chose dinos over real friendship and were scared of someone they would always curse about,no back bone!
  4. oScottieHo

    Base placement against stego drain

    95 percent of the time the riders dont get shot off stegos. Your main concern after stego nerf will be rock golems with better quality saddles i.e MC or ascendant. We all saw how ridiculous this was on legacy.
  5. oScottieHo

    Bullet soaking dinos

    No,we are on a ragnarok down on SW1,only one way up with land dinos. Never got attacked from the cliff sides,heavy turrets mixed with plant x are a flyers nightmare.
  6. oScottieHo

    Bullet soaking dinos

    All they should do really is keep the amount of resources it takes to make them but it gives you 10 bullets instead of 2.
  7. oScottieHo

    Bullet soaking dinos

    20k bullets isnt really alot. We had 100 heavy turrets on the only entrance to our base,all 96 slots full on everyone. Thats 480k bullets..........they never got drained and our base was the only one left standing on a 'server wipe'. The only reason they stopped was because it was taking too long to soak. But i do understand what you are saying,the ratio of grinding bullets and turrets to how easy it is to breed stegos/brontos/ turtles and tame karkinos is way off.
  8. oScottieHo

    Under the map.

    Hello,currently getting under mapped on a official rag server,we have screenshots and videos of them building a huge pillar up to our allies base etc,got gamertags in with the videos and screenshots too. How exactly do you get under the map? Its the only way to stop our friends getting wiped (cant rely on customer support) by the time they turn up everything will be gone.
  9. You mean legacy? They are going to get deleted at some point in the future so its pretty pointless building up on there unless your happy with your hard work being deleted. I only go on to genes running and dinos fed,been alpha from day 1 so will be nice to last till the very end.
  10. oScottieHo

    pvp Mega Talk

    Never come across a mega tribe on xbox,only big cross server alliances. Alliances help but are not essential depending on how many members you have,how active etc you can do fine on your own. We held down 733 for around a year without joining the 'mega list' if we done it im sure you could. If you play pvp your a target,end of story When asked to join alliance do it through trust,getting blue tagged isnt very nice so make sure you know eachother well. This is my opinion and experience with ark.
  11. Had a base on blue ob on a official center map (733),may of seen or heard about it. Had around 1400 turrets mostly full amd at a guess 1600 plant x.3 Had a few attempted raids on it all failed,think the first one took about 4 to 5 months to arrive. Then new servers come out,it got neglected and it got raided when all the turrets went down due to no gas. We had 7 large,well fortified base,that to be honest never got raided,apart from blue ob. We had a good alliance on the server and let people from server 5 and 420 build there,all previous alphas so we become a strong server (we were day 1 alphas on 733,still there,albeit one base) So id say its nothing really to do with turret count etc,just whether or not your liked or disliked that determines if your raided,having people or allies online 24/7 id say is the most important factor. You can defend even a big offensive with a handful of members.
  12. oScottieHo

    inposible to defend

    Im not surprised you got wiped with that attitude.
  13. oScottieHo

    pve Taking on Alpha Dino's

    The alpha dinos are not really that bad,took a 130 alpha rex down with a paracer yesterday,all be it a raised one.
  14. oScottieHo

    pvp Really Spiked metal walls?

    Lag tatic,going backwards and forwards rendering in the spikes will cause some great lag issues.
  15. oScottieHo

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Has anyone actually managed to find out what 'units' they are talking about? Is it foundations? Or is it the unit count of a foundation?