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  1. Next update the volcano will be having lava in it,so any bases there will more than likely get part demolished lol so wait till then.
  2. I know in the last center update they fixed alot of spawns so maybe now you are seeing alot more than you used to. Should of seen it 10 months ago,gigas everywhere,swarms of pteras lol
  3. Hyperion aka hypoland are a big collection of tribes,not just one tribe. Its more of a big cross server alliance.
  4. No this is normal. Happens on ours. Kill them and something else normally replaces them,hopefully troodons lol.
  5. Cover your base in turrets,then a row of xplants,workout the distance enough so your turrets are just out of range,4 pillar high wall,followed by even more turrets and xplants,rinse and repeat until satisfied. Then bullets,bullets,bullets,bullets and even more bullets,and when they are all full,fill vaults up full of them cause they will get drained.
  6. Stop feeding your plants steroids.
  7. Agree with this,being able to C spin genes because a base hasnt rendered in is just absurd.
  8. Whatever it is,its affecting all of them,so maybe a big stamina/speed debuff. I cant see it being anything else,the saddles got slashed,they already take more damage from bullets/bows. Quetzals had a health debuff a while ago,i know they are still in excess of 55k on officials but i think thats ok. Pteras not being able to pick would be interesting but i cant see that happening. Hopefully we find out soon. Lets be honest ariel combat in this game almost negates land tames if you have good quetzals and pteras, so maybe a re-balance would do good,who knows.
  9. Try out the new no taming PVP servers. Gives solo players more of a chance to get going. Shouldnt take you no more than 2 days of intense grinding to get a decent base up amd there wont be any fire breathing or lightening bolt wyverns to ruin your day.
  10. Volcano has strong opinions like everyone else on this subject.l,hes entitled to an opinion just like everyone else. All everyone does when it comes to this sort of topic is argue. Nobody knows whats gonna happen. WC have said they will try to avoid a wipe,so lets all suck it up and just be bloody patient.l,then whatever happens we can all argue again over i told you so.
  11. I dont think the club is too op to be honest. Ascendant riot gear with around 20 fortitude will take a few good hits from a 280 plus damage club. The one thing i do think that is op are fists,the range on fists is just insane,you can run rings round someone with a club,punching them to keep them at a distance far enough so they cant club you. Other than that i have no problem with the way things work,whatever ive wanted to kill ive killed it. As for guns being useless,uh what? Have you not seen what a assault rifle with 300 plus damage does to a dino,let alone a flying one.
  12. As dark soul said,blocking obs is fine,as is blocking loot drops.
  13. When you say they have the server locked down? Do you mean they have every ob,loot drop amd spawn point blocked on the entire map? If so submit a ticket to WC support and if its severe they will get wiped,no meed for anyone to go to the server lol. Obs and loot drops are ok to block (by that i mean by official server guideline rules) but spawns are a big no no.
  14. Havent come across purlovias whilst raiding yet. When tanking with turtles you always walk backwards as the turrets hit the shell.
  15. It doesnt matter how many bullets or plant x you have,you will get raided if the attacking force has the right tames and equipment. 30k to 40k for a carb is average these days on official anyway. Try and make a base that will take hours to raid whilst you arent able to get online. Hide and protect all your electrical cabling,vault drop a back up gene with auto off enabled and full of gas. Fill your turrets up,theres no point in going half assed with them. E.g our turtles are running with 35k health,with 55.7 armour saddles at 100 percent imprinting, a turret takes 4.7 damage,to kill that turtle will take 7,448 bullets from a turret,thats 6 turrets full at 1200 each. Add in brontos with just shy of 100k health....... Also cannons....if your not online they can set up cannons just out of range of your defenses and literally take every single turret or plant x out individually,or another tatic is to fly just out of render distance and see where your genes are located then just pummel the walls with cannon balls. The best defence against a army of carbs are cluster grenades or Bred Gigas. But again if your not online theres not much you can do.