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  1. Dont take what the app says as gospel. For example : it tells you carno kibble requires cooked meat when its actually cooked meat jerky. As long as the the you start off at 100 percent taming efficientcy on the tame then what ever levels it gets is correct.
  2. The centers just one big balls up man,redwood is so glitchy,lost 2 bred gigas there in the last 3 weeks,other dinos stuck on trees,landscape not loading in etc. Recently placed genes on north tropical island and they worked fine. But that was before the update 750.
  3. All well and good wanting change,but no matter what happens with it all,people will still moan. Alphas will still find a way to smash servers,games been out for awhile and most alphas have hordes of stuff so even if it was just raw materials,its just gonna take a little longer for the wipe to come. All i suggest is go find a decent-ish server where you can build in moderate peace. Remember the games still being tinkered with so who knows what nerfs etc are to come!
  4. Dont think your friendship with the alpha is what it seems,or are they just as scared as you of the 'beta'?
  5. Pretty sure you can miss a whole day,but we imprinted it straight to 100 percent,then carried on doing it as the stats still increase.
  6. I usually let the plot get to 600/600 water,put the seed and fert in and then put spikes over the top of the plot. Or if resources are plentiful stick a turret box up.
  7. Well worth it with 100 percent inprinting.
  8. Try getting it to follow a ptera whilst up on the sky border,as far as i know the ptera will just hover there. I maybe wrong
  9. If you place a another junction box in the same target area as the other one thats powering the turret it will link to the turret,shut it down and disconnect the orginal box,its just a case of turning the gene on and off.
  10. Be seeing you soon homie.
  11. We scouted 810 weeks ago,none of the guys gamertags were on that server.
  12. Personally id build in a set of ruins if i was starting off again,good overhead cover,easily defended quickly,most are near water and some arnt suspectable to the x6 damage. Stay away from blue ob island,tropical north island as thats where most 'new' people set up and will get super busy.
  13. Island bases are a bad choice,it will take 1 gun boat to ruin your day.