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  1. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  2. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  3. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  4. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  5. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

    we usually have around 7--12 at night and 5 or 6 during the day. Kinda low pop but the players we do have are good players
  6. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  7. Host Connection Timeout

    I'm having the same issue here. I can connect to the server no problem but other players are getting the time out screen. Happened only once but everyone except myself got kicked at the same time. I reset everything, Xbox, router and modem and it hasn't done it again since. I have fios so I can't help too much there. Is the server xbox running off of wifi or a wired connection?
  8. Quick Question for server

    This setting basically changed the fuel consumption speed of gasoline in generators to consume MORE fuel to make up for your single player not running 24/7. It also decreases the time artifacts respawn in caves.
  9. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  10. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  11. I'm looking for a slightly boosted rag server.

    add caseranger15486 it's a 5x server, low pop right now. It's pvp but a chilled version.
  12. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

  13. When is it coming out?!? PC-XBOX server

    Oh wow that's awesome! can you add mods to it?
  14. Hi everyone, I've been hosting servers for over a year now and I'm hosting I believe my 7th one now. (I usually run 2 servers at time) I know a lot about ark and how to host/maintain a server. I'm here because I'm having trouble populating one of my servers. I advertise on here as well as reddit. The post contains all he crucial stats and rules. Admin logging is enable and it always has a low ping. I'd do events and activities to keep the player engaged. I've never really had a problem getting 20+ active players on a server before until ragnarock was released. This is a ragnarock server and i feel like since they released it there are so many other ragnarock servers right now that it is making it extremely difficult to populate a server. I know I could make it a super boosted server and have 50 connected players around the clock no problem, but I don't want to run this one like that. I've had too many bad experiences with hosting super boosted servers I don't want to do it again. This sever is lower (x5) and I can't even get 10 people to play! lol. I'm just wondering if any other hosts out there are having the same problem?
  15. Xbox Dedicated help

    I have my second xbox right next to my first one. The are on different HDMI inputs though. I do these so I can easily view the host screen and add players back on the host account. It's also easier when the server crashes to just switch hdmi and reset it. You could have it away not connected to a tv but when it crashes or something else goes wrong it will be a inconvenience moving the xbox to a tv or vise versa.