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  1. Hi everyone. I was just reading a thread that said that you will be able to host a dedicated server on PC and play it on xbox soon. My question is, when this happens, will we be able to add mods to the PC server we host and use them when playing on the server with an xbox?
  2. JoeSurvivor

    Wild dinos

    you can't
  3. JoeSurvivor

    PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

    we usually have around 7--12 at night and 5 or 6 during the day. Kinda low pop but the players we do have are good players
  4. JoeSurvivor

    Host Connection Timeout

    I'm having the same issue here. I can connect to the server no problem but other players are getting the time out screen. Happened only once but everyone except myself got kicked at the same time. I reset everything, Xbox, router and modem and it hasn't done it again since. I have fios so I can't help too much there. Is the server xbox running off of wifi or a wired connection?
  5. JoeSurvivor

    Quick Question for server

    This setting basically changed the fuel consumption speed of gasoline in generators to consume MORE fuel to make up for your single player not running 24/7. It also decreases the time artifacts respawn in caves.
  6. JoeSurvivor

    I'm looking for a slightly boosted rag server.

    add caseranger15486 it's a 5x server, low pop right now. It's pvp but a chilled version.
  7. JoeSurvivor

    When is it coming out?!? PC-XBOX server

    Oh wow that's awesome! can you add mods to it?